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Pit Bull Saves Family From House Fire, Pulls 7-Month-Old Girl By Her Diaper

There are lots of reasons to get a dog. If you have kids, or ever were a kid for that matter, you’ve probably heard them all. Because you want a permanent playmate, because all your friends have one, or because they’re just so darn cute.

One reason you probably haven’t thought of that could win over even the most stubborn of parents, is that getting a dog just might save your life. And for a family in Stockton, California last year, this reason became all too real.

Pit Bull

Image credit: White Wolf Pack

Sasha, The Life-Saving Dog

In the heat of California’s summer last June, Nana Chaichanhda was enjoying a peaceful Sunday evening in bed, getting ready for what I’m sure she assumed would be another routine week. What she didn’t know was that a fire had started in the apartment next door, belonging to her cousin, that would not only throw her week into chaos, but also put her family’s life in danger.

Nana is a single mother of three children under 10 years of age with the youngest being only 7 months. She and her kids lived in an apartment of a four-plex along with their Pit Bull, Sasha. The night of the fire was one of the rare times that Nana had decided to leave Sasha outside for the night. After the fact, Nana found that this simple act may have saved her life.

Sasha was the first to recognize that a fire had started in the complex, and immediately began barking and banging against the back door. Nana let Sasha in and instantly knew that something was wrong. When she saw the fire, she understood and ran to the bedroom to get her 7-month-old daughter. But her sweet Pit Bull pup was way ahead of her.. //

Sasha had burst into the baby girl’s room and grabbed her by the diaper in an attempt to evacuate her from the danger of the fire. Nana figured it was probably best if she carried the baby out of the house herself, but was amazed that Sasha had been so intuitive and selfless.

Thanks to Sasha’s warning, everyone was able to make it out of the building unharmed. “It means a lot,” Nana shared. “I owe Sasha everything. If it wasn’t for her, I would have still been in bed and things could have taken a worse turn.”

Ashes And Aftermath

The cause of the fire was left to be investigated, as Nana’s cousin wasn’t present at the time of the fire. And although the firemen were able to contain the flames in the attic, both Nana’s and her cousin’s apartments were deemed unlivable for the time being. Luckily Nana and her family were able to stay with a nearby aunt.

And as for Sasha, she just keeps on living life with her tail wagging. And while I’m sure she wouldn’t mind, either way, I hope Nana hooked her up with an extra doggie treat or two at the very least.

Don’t Judge A Dog By Its Fur

Pit Bulls are often presumed to be aggressive and vicious dogs. Because of this, very few families will consider Pit Bulls when looking for a family pet. Nana hopes that this story will change people’s view of Pit Bulls and show them that they can be caring, considerate, and even life-saving.

So don’t judge a dog by its fur, because not only could you be turning down a loyal friend, but you might also be risking your very life.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.