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Pit Bull Rescued From Shelter Has Non-Stop Hilarious Conversation with Her Mom

All dogs, no matter their color, size, or breed deserve a good home, a loving family, and proper care. And while many pet parents understand the importance of being a loving and responsible pet owner, too many dogs are treated poorly at home, abused, abandoned, or sent to animal shelters. Maisy, an adorable grey and white pit bull, was one of these dogs.  

A Shelter Dog’s Difficult Past

For 3 long years of her life, Maisy’s family kept her in a kennel outside at all times, taking her out only for breeding. When she failed to get pregnant, they dropped her off at an animal shelter. They didn’t have high hopes for her though. They believed she was much too ugly for anyone to consider adopting her. Luckily, hey couldn’t have been more wrong.  

Marisa, who would soon be Maisy’s new mom, was having a rough time herself. Her pitbull of 13 years had been put down and both her parents had passed away within the course of two years. When Marisa met Maisy at the dog shelter, she believed this adorable dog was sent to her from heaven.

Maisy’s New Life with a Loving and Responsible Pet Owner

Maisy adapted to her new life quickly. As soon as they got home Marisa started tossing balls for Maisy to fetch. Maisy loved it so much she started making woo-ing sounds (as Marisa calls them) that soon became her go-to method of communication.

Marisa said, “Maisy’s woo-ing was something that made me adopt her. She does it when she’s extremely happy or excited. She’s so chatty. We talk all the time and she always has something to say. We have conversations throughout the day. It’s hilarious.”

But Maisy’s conversational skills weren’t the only thing Marisa loved about her new furry friend. “She’s got this big bowling ball of a head, and I think that’s part of her charm,” Marisa lovingly shares. “Everything about her is just like this big stuffed animal, you just want to squeeze her.” Even when her previous family had been so convinced that no one could come to love Maisy for who she was, Marisa really just couldn’t get enough of her adorable features and spunky attitude.

The Signs of A Great Pet Parent

How could Maisy’s life have changed so completely from one owner to the next? What made Marisa’s experience with this adorable dog so different from that of her previous family? While it’s hard to answer these questions exactly, a few ideas come to mind.

Responsible Pet Ownership

While it may be easy to say that families who treat animals terribly are simply terrible people, this isn’t entirely true. Some pet owners simply don’t understand the level of responsibility and care that comes with being a pet parent. Before taking a dog, cat, or any other animal into your home it’s important to consider whether you are capable of giving this sweet creature all the care they need and deserve.

A Personality Match

One thing that really seemed to bring Maisy and Marisa together was the fact that they seemed to complement each other. Marisa really got a kick out of Maisy’s high energy, and spunky attitude. She also adored Maisy’s constant woo-ing, which is something other doggie parents might find annoying. When looking for a dog to bring into the family it’s crucial to consider their personality type. Be sure that you and your potential pooch are a good fit.

Unconditional Love

Probably the most important of all when it comes to being a responsible pet owner is showing unconditional love for your pup. There might be days when your dog chews apart your favorite pillow, has an accident on the floor and wakes you up in the middle of the night with his howling. Even on these days, despite your frustration, you need to show your dog that you are still his loving parent. You may need a moment to take a deep breath or count to ten. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself of just how much you love your dog.

It’s All Worth It  

Being a responsible pet owner isn’t the easiest of tasks. It takes dedication, patience, and lots and lots of dog food. But any loving parent of a furry bundle of joy will tell you that the cuddles, the adventures, and the laughs make it all worth it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.