Our Hunt for the Perfect Fit Comfortable Jeans

There is nothing worse than having to go jeans shopping, am I right? There are so many different brands and types of jeans, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. Is finding the perfect fit comfortable jeans for women over 40 too much to ask?

Madison and I did some shopping recently to get some new jeans and we were really very surprised how well the trip went.

We had been procrastinating the search for jeans for several months, imagining the dozens of stores we would have to go in to find just the right fit of jeans.

The problem was that I left my jeans in a cabin (during Madison’s wedding weekend) months ago, and I was left without a good pair of jeans.

denim bar at madewell

Jeans Shopping at Madewell’s

After doing a little asking around in some of my FB mom groups, we decided to go to Madewell first. I had never tried on any of Madewell jeans before and right away I was hopeful.

They have dozens of different styles of jeans to choose from, and they are all laid out on long tables, called the Denim Bar.

Looking at the description of the different styles, I began to collect a few to try on. I had some great help from an employee who quickly accessed what I wanted and grabbed several for me to try on.

The first pair I tried on actually fit and were comfortable. Shocker, right?

I was told by the employee that these had a special spanx type feel to them with pockets that were sewn into both seams and so the jeans actually helps you have a flat stomach. Ummm, heck yes, that is a definite bonus.

These skinny jeans are as close to leggings-comfort that I have even worn. Yes, a jean we can probably wear for more than a few hours without wanting to rip them off our body.

These Madewell 9″ high-rise skinny jeans were perfect. Don’t let the high-rise throw you off if you don’t typically like high-rise. High-rise jeans don’t look good on me, and these don’t wear like the normal high waisted jeans.

Madewell jeans prices are considered high priced on average, but if you take an old pair of jeans in for trade-in, they give you a $20 discount! I would rather have 1 or 2 pairs of jeans that fit great than a whole closet full of cheaper jeans that I hate wearing.

lady trying on skinny jeans in Madewell dressing room

I tried on others that weren’t really my style. The crops look so good on other people…me, I look like I stole the Hulk’s pants from him.

woman trying on jeans in store taking selfie

Our Jeans Hunt Continued at Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand store was right next door, and even though I could have gone home happy, we decided to try our luck (pun intended) again.

I knew having a pair of jeans with more of a straight leg to wear with my Ugg wedges would be ideal.

The straight leg jeans is always where I completely fail in life. My thighs are thick, they have always been thick and so I don’t have the cute legs in jeans like so many others I see around.

And, the straight leg jeans for some reason is where the mom butt happens in life.

Then, there is always the bottom of the jeans…awkwardly large for me. It’s been hard to find the perfect width that doesn’t make me feel like I went through a wormhole to the 70s.

I know, so many women wear the flare jeans and they do wear them well…not this chick. I just don’t have the body shape with my hip and thigh a little thicker.

It’s ok though, there is a perfect jean for every body shape without feeling like we have to wear the mom jean style.

So, my expectations for finding the right straight leg was not high at all. Still, I tried…

two ladies trying on jeans in Lucky Brand store

I thought these were okay, but Madison vetoed them down quickly.

selfies in clothing store

Next, I tried a pair of jeans Madison thought were cute and brought over to me. I would have never thought to try them, but they fit great and they were a straight leg!

woman trying on jeans in Lucky Brand store

These straight leg jeans from Lucky Brand were more I could have hoped for. They are the mid-rise straight sweet series.

The mid-rise is a perfect compromise between high-rise, which tend to make my legs look shorter, and a low -rise, that creates the look of a muffin top.

All in All a Successful and Quick Shopping Trip

If you are looking for your perfect fit comfortable jeans give Madewell and Lucky Brand a try. Both stores are very helpful in finding just the right fit in what can be a needle in the haystack of all of the possibilities.

All of our shopping trips should be successful and easy, right? Do you have a favorite pair of jeans? What brand and style are they? I may need another pair sometime!

PS – Also a necessity for a good jeans trip is some booty exercises that fight back against that mom butt!

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