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On Your Mark, Get Set….Lose Weight

On your mark, get ready











Ready to lose weight in July? So excited about what I am working on for you! It’s a little surprise…but I will say it will be something to help you with implementing some healthy sustainable habits to get you, or keep you on track for losing weight!

Meanwhile, to get you ready for July….

Let’s make sure you have the tools in your motivation pocket ready. That truly is most of the battle, right? It’s the first few weeks of getting out of your normal routine to spend 30-45 min being uncomfortable.

If we really get honest, it is our natural self to want something easy and fun. Working out is HARD! Pushing yourself to new limits is HARD!


The first and most important tool in your motivation pocket is having a sincere reason WHY you want to change your habits, lifestyle and body.

I have never known anyone to lose weight, and keep it off without having a sincere, “WHY”.

That may seem strange at first. Perhaps your first answer is…because I want to be 50 lbs lighter, or I want to be as thin as I was 10 years ago.

Here’s the sad news about that. When you are making a choice between that delicious cheesecake, or double cheeseburger you won’t be caring about being 50 lbs lighter or as thin as you were 10 years ago. The food will win every time. In your head, you will say…I will start it tomorrow, or this one meal won’t matter.

I know because I played that myself for many years. Tomorrow never comes.

It’s time to dig deeper. It’s time to really think about WHY you REALLY want to lose weight. For women over 40, the time is now. It’s time for you to take control of your health and the way you are living. You don’t have to feel so old. Women over 40 that are in shape DON’T FEEL 40!

Women over 40 who are in shape feel at least 10 years younger, often 20 years younger!

It really is amazing. I would not have truly believed it until I lived it.

As I have shared before, my WHY is to ride my horse. For me, it is very important to be able to improve my riding and that takes a lot of core muscles and strength.

lose weight

That is what I think about when I need to push through a difficult workout and give my all instead of flaking by stopping early or only giving 50% of effort.

Here are a couple of in depth articles you can read:

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Gear up! July is right around the corner and we are going to create some wonderful habits together starting July 1!

Until then, my friends, this is your homework:

1 – Discover your WHY

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