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Nobody Believed Him When He Described His Horse’s Afternoon Ritual, So He Recorded It!

So, we believe it when our friends tell us funny stories about the latest thing their baby did, or their dog did, or their cat did. But if your friend just so happens to own horses and tells you a fantastical story, you might be less than inclined to fall for it. Maybe it’s the sheer size of the animal, or maybe it’s because while there is no shortage of hilarious cat videos on the internet, hilarious horse videos are in much lower supply.

The truth of the matter is that some people just tend to doubt anything no matter how good you are at storytelling or how wild your daily life actually tends to be, but can you blame them? I mean, would you believe it if someone told you that their horse went for a swim in their swimming pool every afternoon?

A Horse That Does Morning Laps In The Pool

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a horse swim. Any horse I’ve ever been around has actually had some uncanny fear of large bodies of water. So I can’t say that I’d be overly inclined to believe someone if they told me their horse actually enjoyed leaping into their backyard pool once a day for a dip.

But no matter your skepticism, or mine for that matter, there is in fact a horse that loves to take a swim every afternoon in their owner’s backyard pool! And don’t worry, there is video evidence to back it up. It’s perfectly okay if you don’t believe it, Robert Ripley made a career out of the unbelievable. (1)

Not only does this horse leap into the pool, but it takes a thorough lap of the water, enjoying the refreshing experience. When it’s time to get out, it has a slight struggle on the slippery stairs, seeming as though it’s not entirely sure where to place its hooves without falling back into the water. After a bit of strategic work, however, the horse manages to climb out, splashing water around the pool while it saunters away.

Horses are remarkably intelligent animals, some far more intelligent than others, all with the interesting ability to learn and be guided by living beings much smaller than themselves. (2)

As natural herd animals, horses can be easily upset and spooked. They have a natural tendency to flee from dangerous situations or situations they perceive to be dangerous, which is why many horses hesitate to enter large bodies of water as this fearless horse does in the video. Horses prefer to be certain of what they’re doing, and often times reflections make it difficult for them to determine exactly how deep the water is, making the likelihood of them entering somewhat slim. (3)

Watch This Horse Swim In A Backyard Pool!

However, some horses, like the one in this video, are not only free of any water-fears but actually find extreme enjoyment in a daily swim! So, check out the video, and just like Ripley’s show…you can believe it or not!

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