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Model With Down Syndrome Chosen As Beauty Ambassador For Popular Cosmetics Company

Benefit Cosmetics chose Kate Grant to be their new beauty ambassador. Grant is a model from Northern Ireland who has Down Syndrome. (1, 2)

Professional Model

This is not the first time Grant made headlines for modeling. In 2017, she strutted the catwalk at Belfast Fashion Week. She was the first model with Down Syndrome to have accomplished this. (2)

Grant has appeared on magazine covers and in fashion shows across Northern Ireland. And she was crowned the winner of the Teen Ultimate Beauty Pageant of the Universe. This was the first time someone with Down Syndrome held that title as well. (1, 2)

In 2018, Grant appeared on the talk show This Morning and demonstrated her catwalk skills, which she has honed through modeling classes. She spoke to the show’s hosts about her desire to fight for “inclusion of young adults, young children with special needs.” (1)

Additionally, Grant starred in the BBC One Northern Ireland documentary, True North: Role Model. For six weeks, cameras filmed Grant and her efforts to break into the fashion industry. (2)

Beauty Ambassador For Benefit

The True North: Role Model documentary seems to be how Benefit Cosmetics first noticed Grant. A representative from the makeup company said, “We fell instantly in love with her. Her amazing energy was so infectious, and we were captivated by her incredible zest for life and determination. She embodied everything we stand for as a brand, so we knew we had to find a way to work with her.” (1)

Grant modeled in a shoot for Benefit’s Roller Liner Liquid Eyeliner. After an Instagram post from the shoot drew tons of positive support from Benefit’s followers, the company decided to offer her the role of beauty ambassador. (3)

Benefit said, “We’re truly honored that Kate was able to join us, and we hope her involvement goes some way to showing that beauty and makeup shots can absolutely feature people from all walks of life. The beauty industry is changing, and we love that people like Kate are leading the way.” Benefit also mentioned that they would like to find more ways to work with Grant in the future. (1)

Leading The Way

Grant’s mother, Deirdre, also recognizes that Kate’s work extends far beyond the catwalk. She commented, “She is paving the way for people coming behind her. She is aware of that and wants to spread awareness about inclusion for people with disabilities, and that is what she has done from the very start.” Deirdre acknowledged that Kate is able to fight for inclusion in ways that some of her friends with Down Syndrome don’t have the opportunity to. “She is using her voice for them,” Deirdre said. (1)

Despite calls for inclusion across social media, the fashion and makeup industries are slow to change the models they showcase. Grant’s role as Benefit’s beauty ambassador is inspiring both because of her talent and hard work, as well as because it signifies a level of inclusion that we don’t often see. But what will be truly exciting is the day that the modeling industry has become so diverse and inclusive that we don’t bat an eye when a model with “nontraditional” beauty represents a fashion or makeup line. (3)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.