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Merry Christmas From Fit Found Me + 30 Day Challenge

I hope you had a fantastic holiday and haven’t been too hard on yourself if you enjoyed an extra dessert or two. We had a lot of family visiting throughout the last two weeks. It has been a wonderful Christmas season.

We visited a local outdoor theatre, Tuacahn to see an amazing live nativity – complete with live camels! It was cold outside but we were warm and cozy with coats and blankets. Unfortunately, I flaked on pictures while we were there.

With the colder than normal temperatures, we have had several days of fresh snow in the mountains to enjoy.

30 day challenge

Our 2 year old granddaughter, Evelyn visited with my son, daughter-in-law and my grandson, Dean. Evie was enthralled with her baby’s eyes that would open and close when inserting a pacifier or bottle.

30 day challenge

Some of us in our Christmas jammies…

30 day challenge


We are having a pool built! They started today. I will try to do a good job taking pictures along the 8 week process. The dogs aren’t too excited about it since the construction cuts into their outside fun play time for a while.


30 day challenge


30 day challenge

So, it has been a great week! This week I will be putting the final touches on the 30 Day Fitness Challenge that starts Jan 4. Make sure to sign up above to get your workout calendar sent to your inbox.

What can you do to prepare for the 30 day fitness challenge startup?  Make sure you have some comfortable clothes to workout in. No equipment will be needed. You should make sure you are hydrated well. If I am a little dehydrated my energy level isn’t what it should be. Also try to start eating healthy and weaning yourself off of the sugary items. Need some help with that? Read Sugar Addiction: How I Broke Free.

Have a great New Year’s Week!


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