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Winning the Battle to Lose the Last 10 Pounds

the last 10 pounds











It’s so true, the last 10 pounds are the most difficult to lose! I don’t really judge myself by the scales, but what I’m struggling to lose is basically the equivalent of the last 10 pounds. It’s my problem area that is limping along behind me…literally. I’ve written about my nemesis before, my thighs and glutes, but this time I’m ready for the fight.

Never did I imagine I would have so much fun working to get toned and fit. It’s turned into a bit of a challenging game almost, to see just what I am capable of doing as a woman over 40. It’s been amazing to have the muscle tone back that I lost so long ago when my sole purpose in life was running after toddlers. Which, by the way, was a dream come true. I loved those days. If you are still chasing toddlers, make sure to enjoy it, it really does go by too quickly.  I’m still trying to accept that there is a season for everything in life and my kids can’t be young forever.

So, back to my nemesis…as many of you know, I have been doing the Chalean Extreme workout program and now I am about to start the last month. The first 4-6 weeks I could see more muscle toning, not so much the last couple of weeks.

I’m changing things up a bit this week to keep progressing. That’s what we have to do in life as well as in our workouts and nutrition. You may remember from a previous post I ordered Shakeology from Beachbody. So far so good with that. Shakeology boasts about having more vitamins and nutrients than other meal replacement shakes. I had been having some problems with sustaining my workouts all week even with the 2 rest days. By Friday, I was totally burned out. On average, I burn an extra 900 calories daily, 4-5 times a week with the Chalean Extreme program in addition to the riding, it’s not always easy to eat enough to sustain my required energy level. So far, since adding Shakeology to my daily routine it seems to have helped.

In addition, I have cleaned up my nutrition in general. Admittedly, my habits had slipped into too many bad carbs and sugar. It seemed to be one special occasion after another that was killing me! I wasn’t eating enough to gain weight but I was making enough poor choices to sabotage the hard work I was doing. I pulled out my 21 Day Fix book and regrouped with my eating plan about a week ago.

As hard as it is to give up the great tasting fun foods, this week has been a great reminder at how much better I feel eating more clean, fresh foods.

The next step in working to lose the last 10 pounds was more education. I did some reading about losing the fat and toning up our trouble areas, like my thighs and glutes. I learned those areas – for women it’s usually the triceps, thighs and glutes – store triglycerides. Simple Shredded did a great job outlining the whys behind the last 10 pounds issue. It’s all pretty science class complicated but the take away from it is this…we need blood flow into the trouble areas in order to burn that fat. Low blood flow allows more fat to be stored. Of course, exercise is how to increase blood flow to those areas to lose the last 10 pounds.

We want to make sure we are incorporating some HIIT cardio into our workout plan in addition to some targeted strength training to lose the last 10 pounds.

What does all of this mean exactly?

It means these are the changes I’ve made to lose the last 10 pounds

1 – Leaner, cleaner nutrition, including daily Shakeology

2- Targeted supplemental thigh & glute workouts, 4 times weekly

3- Continue current workouts – Chalean Extreme & riding

The last 10 pounds isn’t really 10 pounds, it’s more about toning and getting rid of the unwanted fat. It’s a good idea to evaluate your regimen often to keep moving towards your fitness goal.

What are your trouble areas?


the last 10 pounds

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