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I’m a Fitness Blogger and I’m Living a Lie?



Have you read my blog? Lots of workout tips, motivation, recipes, favorite smoothies, favorite workout clothing, tips on traveling, you name it, there are resources available to live a healthy life. In the best of times I have exercised for hours a day, in the worst of times, I have avoided my workout room and indulged in my favorite junk foods.

In a perfect world, every day would be the same routine…waking up energized, well rested. I could be efficient with my time, not get distracted by dirty dishes left in the sink after I went to bed, go straight to my water and pre-workout drink.

From there, I could be heading to the workout room before the kids are even awake for school. Let’s face it, once they are up, that’s a whole set of distractions helping them with eating a breakfast other than a box of sugar with milk.

Maybe that’s the image of the perfect fitness blogger…which I am not.

It’s a Mom’s Hectic Life


Rather than being so diligent in keeping the perfect schedule, my days are more of getting out of bed about the same time the kids do, cleaning up the dirty dishes from after I went to bed, unloading the dishwasher and making breakfast. Sometime in the midst of that, I do drink my water and the pre-workout, yes, I really do put my workout clothes on first thing in hopes of getting to the workout room at 8 when everyone leaves.

Now that the 2 legged distractions are gone…the 4 legged distractions are ready for their breakfast. Not to mention, my laptop, my phone with social media and oh, look at the pile of laundry that needs to get washed.

While I’m waiting for the dogs to be ready to come back inside, I am sidetracked by planning a trip, and hello, my daughter calls to say hi.

By now, it is close to 9am and my pre-workout has worn off, my lower back is hurting and I really need to get food in the crock pot for dinner. I’m in the kitchen and inches from me in the junk cabinet are my favorite…Cheez Its. I grab them to have just a few…and a few more…and a few more.

Still in my workout clothes, thankfully I don’t have that excuse or delay…I gather my water, ipad put my hair up and drag myself to the workout room.

Mama Always Said There’d Be Days Like This

Yes, I am sure we all have days that don’t go exactly as they should. Where we aren’t as focused and streamlined in our schedule as we could be.

[tweetthis]Our body won’t complain if we are late 2 our workout.It will just be glad we showed up. #motivation [/tweetthis]

Rarely will it be perfect. We do what we can when we can and hope we progress along the way.

On the days I am not the ideal fitness guru burning an extra 1000 calories a day, getting in 14,000 steps and eating 100% clean, healthy foods, I know my body will forgive me, and I know I will continue to progress even if today isn’t perfect.

After doing this for several years, I realize there are really strong workout months, and some not so strong.

My strong workout months have visuals, Why’s and calendars. If you haven’t discovered your why yet, you are fighting a tough battle. We love our junk food, and by nature are more lazy than active. If you don’t have a strong WHY, a why stronger than the love of our old routine and old food, it will be nearly impossible to sustain a weight loss or healthy fitness level.

I work my hardest when I am in a Beachbody workout program. I have a calendar to actually put a check on every workout day. I can see the weeks laid out before me and I am pumped to finish thoroughly and strong.

Without Beachbody, I can find every excuse in the book to keep me from wandering into the workout room. Beachbody takes the thought out of deciding what workout to do, and I know there will be a motivating voice encouraging me to work hard.

Most of the workouts programs I choose are around 30 min long. I can do anything for 30 min…that’s less than an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Recalling how I feel after I have worked out is so important to the effort I make. Knowing how much more I will accomplish for the rest of the day is also motivating for me. Thirty minutes invested for 10 hours of productivity? I’ll take it.

Begin With An End in Mind

Remember Stephen Covey’s books?

One of his favorite motivational quotes is, “Begin with an end in mind.”

We have so many wonderful ends to working out and taking care of our bodies!

Rather than hold myself to an intangible perfected fitness blogger image, I allow myself to have good days, great days and yes, bad days.

Each day, heck, each meal is a brand new start to a healthier you!

Every single choice can be made by saying this in our head. What’s the end of…

…not working out?
…drinking the green smoothie?
…eating the Cheez its?
…walking 10,000 steps?

Take the challenge, repeat with every health-related choice today…begin with an end in mind and see where it takes you.

Living a Lie…or Not?

So, while I am not living a lie, I do have visions of living fitness and health in such a perfect manner that isn’t usually attainable. I believe we all do that in our lives, especially as women. We hold ourselves to such a high standard, often we feel like failures when we don’t hit the high mark every time.

I consider fitness my job and it’s ok not to hit the high mark every time. Life is busy. We have so many other responsibilities sometimes it is difficult to fit everything in. Do what you can, do your best and be happy with that.

Efforts will pay off!

Weight Loss Community Group

Challenge yourself every day to making good health decisions.

Hop over to Facebook and join our weight loss community group for support from other women over 40 losing weight!

Now, if you will excuse me, I am off to the workout room for the 21 Day Fix Extreme workout…albeit an hour later than I would have liked, but better late than never!



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