How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Would you believe I am sitting on an airplane right now the sickest I have been in years? Yes, it’s true. I am popping Halls Cough Drops like candy to keep my coughing to a minimum. For those who had to sit beside me on the planes, my biggest apology to you if you are now battling this chest cold from me.

stay healthy while traveling
Grandchildren, Evie is almost 2 and Dean is 2 months.

I went to NC for a week to visit my children and grandchildren. (I have an almost 2 yr old granddaughter and a 2 month old grandson. It is still unbelievable that I am old enough to be called Grandma!)

Being sick while traveling is definitely less than ideal. Here are some tips to help you to stay healthy while traveling.

Stay Healthy While Traveling Tip # 1


Don’t skip out on eating healthy prior to your trip as well as during. Of course there may be the occasional slip up while traveling, but get your daily vitamins even if you need to take them in pill form. When traveling, particularly in confined areas such as a plane, you will be exposed to various germs and illnesses.

healthy while traveling
My 20 year old daughter, Madison.

Make sure your body is ready by maintaining a healthy diet before and during your vacation.



Keep your food splurges to a minimum while also maintaining balance with healthy meals as much as possible.

As you see, we really enjoyed splurging at Rita’s Frozen Custard shop! The vanilla custard with strawberry gelati Italian Ice is my favorite!





Stay Healthy While Traveling Tip # 2


Although sleep can be interupted by excitement, mattresses, pillows and schedule, getting good quality sleep is important so your body can recover from your daily activities. We tend to be on the go when on vacation which can take a toll on our bodies over a few days.

Stay Healthy While Traveling Tip # 3


Another vital component to our good health is staying hydrated. If you aren’t familiar with how much water you should be drinking or the importance of drinking water, you may find this post on Staying Hydrated helpful.

It can be easy to forget to drink when we are away from our normal routine, but you will have the energy needed to fully enjoy your vacation if made a priority. Also, if you are taking cold medicine like I am right now, and/or sick, water is one of your best friends!

Stay Healthy While Traveling Tip # 4


You will feel better by getting in some type of exercise or workout during your vacation, particularly if you are indulging in foods outside of your normal diet.

  1. Walking in the airport while waiting for your flight.
  2. Enjoying a nearby park at your vacation spot.
  3. Utilizing a hotel gym or pool.

Stay Healthy While Traveling Tip # 5

Allergy Medications

Be prepared for allergies in the area you visit, or as in my case, my daughter’s cat. The first night at her apartment was a little less than ideal with my allergies flaring. It was solved the next day by a quick trip to the store.

Overall, it really was a great week!

We took several road trips to see family around the area. It was wonderful to spend time with family.

I hope you had a great weekend and are staying healthy.

Remember these tips before and during your next trip and chances are you will be able to stay healthy while traveling. If you’re traveling by car, be sure to check out 5 Healthy Travel Tips While on the Road.


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