Holiday Meal Cheat: Avoid or Indulge

It’s Labor Day and you’ve been invited to the neighborhood cookout or otherwise known as a potential meal cheat. Walking out the door, you can smell the grill as if it’s in your own yard. You can already visualize what the tables will look like.

meal cheatHot dogs, cheeseburgers, brats, potato salad, baked beans, chips, dip, cakes, cookies, ice cream, and sodas galore. Just makes you want to turn around and hide out in your house until it’s all over. You’ve been working so hard the last few weeks to change your eating habits, and your hard work is paying off…you’ve lost a little weight and your favorite pair of jeans are a little loose.

Making better eating choices is a bit easier when you have control over the menu. There will be times when you are invited to an event with loads of foods that don’t align with your new habits.

Let’s face it, you shouldn’t let new eating habits prevent you from socializing.

You have options!

Meal Cheat Option 1

If you are super duper disciplined, you really could take your own food to the event and stay completely on meal cheattarget with your new eating habits. It could be an education and good example to many around you. You could take a turkey burger to throw on the grill along with some veggies to grill or eat raw(a great dish to bring to share), and maybe throw in a green salad. Almost everyone would love to drop a few pounds and tone up. It could be a real eye opener for many to see the healthy options available for a great BBQ. If you are able to do this, and be completely happy with it…that’s awesome! You have the willpower equal to Job’s patience!

Meal Cheat Option 2

This is a meet half-way option of taking a turkey burger or marinated chicken breast to grill yourself but knowing how difficult it would be to resist the sides there, you decide to indulge a bit in all the wonders of the variety.

Meal Cheat Option 3

This choice is the most liberal in that you don’t bring that turkey burger, but instead eat a variety from the table. Please be cautious when choosing this option. There are several things to consider. First, more than likely, your stomach as adapted to smaller portions, your body has gone through a “detox” of sugar, and saturated fats so what you eat may not be as enjoyable as it once was (that is ideal, helps in the long run) and it could “wake up” cravings to have a few days of detox again. If deciding to eat a variety, a compromise would be to have very small amounts of the not-so-good for you foods. But, here’s the key, don’t feel awful about this choice! It is OKAY to have a cheat meal every so often. One meal does not pack on pounds. It takes a series of unhealthy choices combined with not exercising to set you back. Don’t let this go to your head though…it truly needs to be only once in a while.

Meal Cheat Help

There are a couple of supplements to help you with the very occasional meal cheats. The Fibotrim is proven to absorb the fat from your stomach. Take a look at this video that shows how it works. CarbEase Plus is the other supplement that aids in digesting the cheat meal more effectively. Again, these are not for every day use.

Holiday get togethers don’t have to be detrimental to the work you have done in being healthy. There are several options available! Have fun, enjoy the holidays and remember the very occasional meal cheat does not make or break you!

When faced with the option of avoid or indulge, somewhere in between will usually be a great option so…

Fit Can Find YOU!


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