Here’s My Workout Plan: What’s Yours?

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I would share my workout plan with you today since many of you have asked. I try to have a workout plan every day when I wake up, otherwise half the day is gone before I get anything done.

This morning I am on the elliptical right now for about an hour while I work on my blog. I have found it to be pretty easy to multi-task with the exception of graphics and the occasional dog issues. This morning, one dog dug a hole in the yard while my back was turned…will have to add that repair to my to-do list today.

I will likely be on the elliptical for about 1 – 1 1/2 hours. I am trying to tone my upper thighs and butt, so today is level 3 out of 10 resistance and a 60% incline, with the last few minutes at 100% incline. I rotate going forwards and backwards to target the glutes better. I can usually get in between 3-4 miles depending how many times I need to hop off for the dogs.

The great thing about working on my laptop while on the elliptical is time flies by. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Next on my workout plan is riding my horse. I ride English, which can be a lot of posting up and down at the trot, which can work my legs very nicely in addition to maintaining contact between myself and the horse. Normally when I ride and jump, the entire experience burns about 700 – 900 calories. Today, I won’t be jumping due to an injury she is still healing from. She decided to jump a 5 ft gate to get closer to her friends a couple of weeks ago. She made it over, but did rub her chest badly enough to cause some fluid buildup that required the vet to cut an incision for drainage.

Throughout the day, I will be doing some leg and squat exercises while working around the house, again to tone my butt. Yeah, don’t want the mom butt thing. At my age, I am constantly working against gravity.

It’s Friday…which means it’s date night! Not sure what my husband and I will do yet, but a little pickleball would be a lot of fun! We usually play for an hour or two. I am not very good, so I definitely get a good cardio workout.

I hope to burn about 2500 calories today in total. To give you some perspective, on a completely non-exercise day, I burn about 1400 calories. I will update you later on how I did. I keep track through my Polar Loop and heart rate monitor.

The daily workout plan can keep you focused on your time management as well as keeping you fit. It is important to allow your workouts to easily fit into your day to ensure it gets done. By having a workout plan ahead of time, it is much easier to incorporate.

Oh, and don’t forget to drink your protein shakes (read why they are important here) and your recommended water intake with a healthy recovery drink, such as Advocare’s Rehydrate. (Disclosure, I am an Advocare distributor)

What is your workout plan today?



about stephanie

About Stephanie

Just an everyday stay at home mom who one day decided I didn’t want to become the stereotypical overweight, middle-aged, out of breath, mom anymore. One day at a time, one meal at a time, one workout at a time and I became the athlete I never knew existed. Read more...

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