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Green Tea for Weight Loss or Not?

Green tea for weight loss is not anything new, right? Green tea has been around for a very long time and held in high esteem for helping women lose weight. I decided to dig into the facts about weight loss using green tea.

Ingredients in Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea ingredients are:

polyphenols (catechins)
caffeine (called theine)
tannin (flavonols)
essential oils
vitamin C
vitamins A


Green Tea Burns Fat for Weight Loss

While I consider myself in shape and fit, I would love to just snap my fingers and get rid of a little jiggle from my booty and thighs. Wouldn’t you just love to blast fat from those places?

Green tea is one of those natural ways to target fat. Yeah, I know, we can’t EXACTLY target areas of fat, read on to find out what we CAN do for the fat.

Your fat cells must be broken down and moved to your bloodstream before they can be burned for energy. The active components in green tea boost the effects of a hormone that sends a signal to the fat to break down. From there, the fat cells are in our bloodstream and ready to be burned away as the energy we need. (source)

It’s the polyphenols (catechins), that is working hard to start the fat breakdown cycle and later helps the liver to burn more fat into energy.

That’s a lot of science-y description, but stick with me. This is great news!

Green Tea Burns More Fat During Exercise

Green tea for burning fat and contributing to weight loss is maximized when we exercise.

This study showed men who took a green tea extract supplement burned 17% more fat than men who did not take the supplement. (source)

Not all of our fat is the same. We have subcutaneous fat which is underneath our skin and visceral fat around our organs. The visceral fat is the most dangerous and causes more harm, directly related to diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Studies have shown green tea targets more visceral fat, namely that stubborn belly fat, than subcutaneous fat. (source)

This is where we have to do “our part” of the weight loss. By getting your sweat on, you are aiding the green tea in its job.

My Take on Green Tea for Weight Loss

While studies have shown weight loss in conjunction with adding green tea to your daily nutrition, green tea for weight loss shouldn’t be your only method of losing weight. Often products are marketed as a complete weight loss program, misleading many to believe a supplement can take the extra weight off.

Green tea for weight loss seems to be a great supplement to your daily exercise and healthy nutritional program. Used in conjunction with a substantial workout program and a balanced, lean protein, heavy vegetable diet, green tea can play a beneficial role in helping you to reach your goal.


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