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Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone to Lose Weight Leads to Pretty Great Things

comfort zone


The first step to losing weight could be getting out of your comfort zone! Maybe you have not done a workout since middle school PE class Richard Simmons style.

It can be difficult navigating through the many ways of working out and joining a local gym regardless if you are 20 lbs or 100 lbs overweight.

I want to share a story about an inspirational woman I have recently met through our Facebook Group, Women Over 40 Losing Weight & Living Healthy.

How Tana Stepped Out of Her Comfort Zone

Tana is lady who is working hard to change her lifestyle to be more healthy by losing weight and eating clean.

Now, six months into her journey, she has lost 20lbs, and 15 inches! Tana recently posted this picture on the Fit Found Me Facebook Group, Women Over 40 Losing Weight & Living Healthy.

While I have never met Tana in person, the interaction we have had through the groups has taught me what a special lady she is! That’s why I had to share her story with you.

comfort zone

Tana is an active member of both groups, Facebook and weight loss challenge. I love hearing about her experiences and positive attitude! Below is a story about her recent trip to a local gym – an example of her getting out of her comfort zone.

“So excited! Last Saturday, I went to a free workout at a local gym. Way out of my comfort zone, and doing things that I previously thought I was not capable of doing. The trainers were absolutely helpful and modified everything for me, but I still got a great workout, which was awesome!

Long story short – a woman from my church happened to be there. We don’t know each other well, just acquaintances really. At church on Sunday, she handed me a card. I read it after services, and was totally blown away! She was so impressed with my courage and for working so hard on Saturday that she is paying for 1 free month at the gym!

It just so happens that this gym is doing a 28 day challenge, complete with workouts, and meal plans with grocery lists – so I joined the challenge rather than just 1 month at the gym. I am so grateful, this was way out of my budget at the moment. And I feel like I will work even harder to follow these plans, since someone else invested in my journey.

Wish me luck!”

Tana was so awesome to put her fears aside and walk into that gym!

And you can do it too! Don’t allow fear to stop you from doing what you need to make your health a priority! One step always leads to another…what step did you last take, and where is it leading you?

When I commented on Tana’s gym experience, this is what she had to say:

“And you are right. I had to really fight thru the fear to go last week. And I am learning that doing things scared is ok and leads to pretty great things!”

I can’t wait to see the future progress and steps Tana will be making. She is an inspiration for all women over 40 who seek to change their lifestyle into a more healthy, happy life. She’s the friend we all want when times get tough and we aren’t sure which way to go. She leads us out of our comfort zone for the greater good!

Tana, we are cheering you on as well as all of you out there getting out of your comfort zone!

What great things have happened to you when you have gotten out of your comfort zone?

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