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It’s Friday! I’m Sharing 2 BIG Lessons Learned This Week












Hi Guys! Excuse me while I take a moment to brag…I have been killin’ it with my workouts for the last couple of weeks. My apple watch has been smokin’ hot storing my activities. For 5 days a week I have been burning an average of 1100 calories with 2-3 workout sessions daily. Yes, 1100 extra burn dat fat calories!

It’s warmer weather here in Southern Utah and I have had the opportunity to ride Delilah, my horse, 5 days a week now – that alone gives me about 600+ burned calories! Those are, of course, my favorite calories to burn because it’s so much fun, doesn’t feel like a workout at all! Here’s a list for you to find something to enjoy doing AND burn calories…at the same time!

Okay, brag session over. Thanks for enduring it. Seriously though, this week was a little challenging, but I have learned a couple of very valuable lessons that I really want to share to help you not make the same mistakes.

Lesson #1

The good, I was burning on average an extra 1100 calories…the bad, I was eating only about 1500 or even fewer calories. It is true that you want a little deficit if you are trying to lose fat, but you also have to eat enough so that your muscles have the energy necessary for the recovery and repair. It isn’t the actual workout that builds your muscle…it’s the recovery process. The workouts tear down your muscles, as they repair themselves they grow stronger and larger. Not Hulk Hogan large for us though…just large enough to burn the unwanted fat and make us slim and strong – womanly strong.

Signs of Overtraining

  1. Muscles that are sore/tired even the next morning
  2. Not able to complete the workout as usual
  3. Feel generally tired and sluggish

Additional Signs of Overtraining Can Be (although I didn’t experience these 5)

  1. Insomnia
  2. Depression
  3. Moodiness
  4. Elevated resting heart rate
  5. Increased sickness

I crashed on day 9 from overtraining. My legs were not recovering well and were total jello even at the start of my day. My hunger level was through the roof – in fact, I probably could have eaten our roof that day if it had been in front of me. I still pushed one more day, only to realize it really was time for a little rest.

I decided to skip my workouts for two days (with exception to riding). Last week I took 2 days off also, not back to back like this week. I don’t think 2 back to back rest days are often required, but remember how many calories I have been burning and a lot of my workouts have involved my legs.

I upped my calorie intake through extra shakes as well as eating a little larger portions in addition to more often.

On rest day #2, my legs had fully recovered and I felt like myself again. Well worth the time I took for rest. Taking the appropriate rest days are as important as your workout days. It’s all a wonderful balance. Signs of overtraining shouldn’t be ignored. Prevent overtraining as much as possible by using this formula.

Workouts + Eating + Resting = Fit Women Over 40

Lesson #2

Don’t put your phone in the laundry basket. Ever, never, ever.

Yeah…you can see what’s coming, right?

I tossed my phone in the basket to free up my hands while walking to the laundry room. I poured the clothes in just as Andrew was walking in the door for lunch and totally dismissed the clunk I heard as they went into the washer.

A few minutes later I was trying to find my phone…ugh.

I am way too hard on phones. Even Mr. Otter Box couldn’t save me this time.

It’s time for the Lifeproof case now. Hopefully this case will be “Stephanie destructive-proof”.

Side note on the cases – I really like the Lifeproof case much better than the Otter Box! It is much slimmer on my 6s Plus, which as you know is already a monster of a phone.

So, my 2 lessons for the week –

1- Eat enough to sustain your workouts.

2- Don’t toss your phone into the laundry basket.

Pretty simple but important lessons.

How about your week? How did your workouts go? Make sure to watch for signs of overtraining and take the rest days as needed.

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