Friday Faves on Earth Day

Hello my friends! Aren’t you so happy it’s Friday?! The week has been a bit slow here…no riding…no workouts…on the other hand…I tried to get a few things done I otherwise have a hard time fitting into my day.

Update on my back…can I tell you how grateful I am for prednisone and a few pain pills? I am feeling so great today, I was prepared to try a light workout until my loving, concerned husband suggested I give my back a few more days. He’s right, better to be safe than sorry, right? I should be back to full activity on Monday morning though! Yay!! Thanks for the well wishing emails and notes!

Some things I did to occupy my extra time this week…

Lots of fun blog work! Do you follow me on Pinterest? That’s where I focused a lot of my time this week!

Dragging myself to shop for something cute for our front porch area so that our house looks lived in, after all we have been here for 8 months now! My excuse…I really don’t like shopping. As you can see, I didn’t have a lot of success at decorating the front porch area – it’s not really a porch, more like a stoop I guess. I did find a cute wreath…I’m up for suggestions…

Friday Faves

Ariana and I took Flat Stanley on a tour of St. George. My nephew from NC entrusted him to us for a few weeks. Such a fun project! We have him for another week or so, I’m hoping to get him up to Zion National Park soon. It is great hiking weather now.

Friday Faves















In thinking about Earth Day today…what better way to celebrate than to grow your own veggies in the earth!

Watching our garden grow…sounds like a storybook. I remember summer after summer walking with my dad to inspect his garden every day as soon as he would get home from work. He wouldn’t even go inside to change before taking his habitual walk around his very large and productive garden. I don’t have the drive he has for taking care of such a large garden, but I am excited about our raised garden this year. I’m hoping with the automatic watering system set up, I can be even somewhat successful.

Friday Faves

Friday Faves for you!

Favorite sport bras – Hands down, Victoria’s Secret has the over the boulder shoulder holders figured out. Frankly put, I like the girls to feel secure when I am doing my workouts and riding my horse. After trying so many different sport bras over the years, I discovered Victoria’s Secret’s sport bras about a year ago. Sorry for not sharing this sooner! First, they categorize their bras depending on your activity level as well as desired support, which makes choosing much easier. There are also different strap options to choose from.

Favorite inspiration – No doubt, Oksana Chusovitina. If this 40 year old woman can be so disciplined and work this hard, I can manage a 45 min workout 5-6 days a week.

Favorite show – Binge watching How to Get Away With Murder. Don’t judge me, I’ve had some extra time this week…Which means I am up for a new show. Thanks for the recommendation for the Murder show, it was definitely a hit for me. Suggestions for my next binge?

Favorite food – Watermelon…and it’s not even summer yet. I’m working really hard in the next few weeks to eat as lean as I can to try to burn those last few pounds off. Warmer weather means cold food is welcomed. Before you send a concerned email to me, no worries, I not on a watermelon only diet. It’s my go-to snack…and a side dish for meals.

Favorite protein shake – If you love peanut butter, GNC Pro Performance AMP Extreme 60 is the shake for you! Nothing added, their peanut butter flavor is a whole lotta like a peanut butter milkshake from Sonic. It will surely curb your sweet tooth without inflating any fat cells.

Favorite tip – If you love avocados as much as I do, it is a staple on your grocery list. Unfortunately, what that also means is sometimes it can be difficult to choose a perfectly ripened avocado. I have left the store more than a few times avocado empty handed choosing not to get the hard rock avocados. I can’t wait to try this inventive method for ripening those hard avocados in an hour or less! Thanks Pure Wow!

Have a great weekend and plan something fun and exciting to keep moving to burn dat fat!

Stay tuned for next Friday’s Faves…I’m getting creative with those protein shakes in hopes of having some faves to share!

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