Friday Faves + Big Announcement

Happy, happy Friday Friends! Another weekend is coming our way in a few hours!

An update on the forever ongoing back issue…I had my MRI on Tuesday, saw the doctor for the results on Wednesday. Not a great back, (thanks for the genes, Dad)…some arthritis and 2 bulging, torn discs between L4-L5 and L5-S1. Recommendation is a cortisone injection that will hopefully leave me pain free for at least 3 months, maybe much longer. How did this happen? One of the discs began bulging about 6 years ago prior to getting fit. A little over a year ago I started some very concentrated exercises to focus on the deep core muscles next to the spine, but had gotten a little lax about doing them regularly. The most recent incident began 2 weeks ago.

I am waiting on the health insurance company to process the procedure approval so that the appointment for the injection can be made. I have not had this done before. Thankfully there is an option for a light sedation…uh, yeah, sign me up for that one no doubt. The thought of a big needle going into my spine is not what I want to be aware of.

The doctor at the pain clinic is hopeful the injection will work. I could potentially get up to 4 a year, delaying a probable need for surgery for 10-15 years.

So, as you can guess, there hasn’t been a lot of working out and zero riding this week. What have I occupied my time with?

Remember I promised to have some awesome protein shake recipes for you today?  Well I tried, and tried…and tried some combinations out for you. Each time I was reminded I am not a creative cook. Thank goodness my blog is not a food blog, it would fail miserably. My apologies for the lack of shake recipes. I will now resort to trying out other people’s recipes and will share the good ones I find next week. Have a favorite? Please share below!

So that my horse doesn’t get as out of shape as I am feeling now (not really, but you know how you feel when taking a little time off), I have been free lunging her in the round pin. It gives her the opportunity for a little cardio and exercise. She isn’t always thrilled about doing it though.

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Online shopping…last week I ventured out to the stores to make a decent attempt to create a welcoming, inviting front porch area and I failed. This week, Amazon has been my best friend. Don’t you just love Amazon? I wish I could say I ordered something for the front porch…I didn’t. I have ordered something every. single. day. Shhhh, don’t tell Andrew…not that he hasn’t noticed the new Amazon boxes every day. Just kidding, I’m not a buy and hide type of wife. I haven’t even bought anything monumental…just a few things that have been on my mind for a while. A stadium chair for the bleachers at Ian’s baseball games, a tens unit (a friend said it is great for back pain and Andrew joins me in that department), face cream (I will be sharing later if it is a winner or not), popcorn seasoning for our theatre room popcorn maker…see, nothing really exciting.

Friday Faves

Favorite snack – Pretty boring this week…banana and natural peanut butter.

Favorite show – Much more exciting than the snack…a couple of new ones this week. One totally silly, play in the background while working it doesn’t matter if you miss half of the show is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, aka Mole Woman. The show I started with a bit more storyline is Parenthood. Neither are earth shattering, but they help fill the dead air when I am home alone.

Favorite blog post – One of my favorite past times of the day is getting on the Bloglovin’ app to peruse through my favorite blogs…all in one place! This was one of my favorite posts of the week, A Letter to the Woman Who Weighs Herself Every Day.

Favorite Workout to try asapThe Tabata! Have you tried it yet? Let me know what you think!

Okay, as promised on Instagram yesterday…I have big news to announce.

I am going to get my personal trainer certification!

The more I learn about fitness, the more I want to learn. It is not at all where I expected to be a few years ago, but that’s often the case in life, right? You find something you like and you grow and develop those skills.

As a personal trainer, I will be able to provide one on one online training help and assistance through videos, phone calls and texts or emails. Everything should be in place in a few short months. I am super excited about broadening my fitness knowledge!

Favorite Quote

Friday Faves











In a nutshell….a larger nutshell than anticipated, that has been my week. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Choose a fun activity to get moving to burn some serious calories!


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