Friday Faves

Second week back from vacation and I finally feel as I am back in the swing of things. After being out of commission last week due to the worst migraine I’ve ever had, I have needed to play catch up the last few days. It was perfect timing to get our first order from Hello Fresh and Daily Harvest, and I can’t wait to share our experiences with you.

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope to spend some time outside this weekend. Is it too early to buy some plants for our porches? I can’t wait to get some life on them again. Time will tell if I can keep them alive. I’d love to get our screen porch decorated more this year with some drapes and lights hung. Could be a little too ambitious for me for this weekend though. I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

I have kept my carbs down lower this week again trying out a new eating schedule. So far so good. It’s not nearly as drastic as the keto diet. I wouldn’t want some of the bad side effects of that. Are you on the keto diet? If so, do you experience some of the dreadful side effects such as keto-flu, panic attacks, and bad breath? I tend to be pretty active and feel like I need more carbs than the 20 grams most plans encourage. I will be sharing my new plan with you as soon as I am confident of the results.

What I’m Snacking On

Snacks are my love. I have always been a snacker and take my snacks seriously. I had been eyeing Cheese Whisks at Costco for a while, always avoiding them for fear I would eat too many. I finally gave in a couple of weeks ago after I decided to switch to lowering my carbs for a while.

Yep, yep, they are just as good as I imagined. I have been good at limiting myself on them, mainly because after about 10 I have had enough for the time being.

When I bought them I was planning on using them on salads, but nah, I just grab a few every day or so as a snack.

Did I mention I hide them from everyone else? Shhhh….Well, you know how the teenagers are…especially Ian…he could eat the entire bag in one sitting and not think twice about it. So I did what you would do, I hide them.

holding a bag of cheese whisks

The other snack in my arsenal this week, the Daily Harvests. Perfect timing for the warmer weather. Yesterday I rode my horse late morning, came home and had a protein shake plus mixed up my first smoothie. So easy. Zero thought had to go into it. Took it out of the freezer, added water, mixed and was out on the screen porch enjoying it while working in less than 5 minutes. No chopping and clean up consisted of rinsing the blender to pop in the dishwasher.

Use this link to get 3 free cups!!

I can see a whole lotta Daily Harvests in my future.

Smoothie and laptop on porch


What I’m Eating for Dinner

Helloooooooo Fresh!

2 meals of hello fresh meals with meat


I knew once I tried a week with a meal delivery service I would be kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I mean, truth be told, it isn’t JUST the cooking we hate, right? The worst part about making dinner is deciding WHAT to cook, then we have to go to the GROCERY STORE only to get home and realize the sour cream we planned on using is now OLD.

With Hello Fresh, it’s all done! It was such a time saver to grab the bag and meat out of the fridge and just start cooking.

We had the Steak Fajitas for 4. There are 4 of us remember, including 2 teenagers. I am pretty sure the 2 person meal would have been enough, especially if I had a salad with it. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of food.

Then there was the taste. No complaints. It was really excellent! We all liked it a lot…like no doubt the leftovers will be gone by morning.

When you place your Hello Fresh order (because I know you would love to save some time with planning, shopping, and cooking) be sure to use the code WSYH7H for an extra discount.

steak cut on cutting board

onions and peppers in pan cooking

steak fajitas on a plate

What I’m Watching

Do I even get started on this? First, the last episode of Grey’s? How do we even say goodbye to our Grey Sloan family as we have known them for what seems like a lifetime? True, I got to the Grey’s Anatomy party late, but I soon caught up and while the last season or two certainly hasn’t been the best, I can’t imagine my Hulu Friday’s without them.

On the flip side, have you started Station 19 yet? So far it has been a little ray of sunshine in the cloud of Scandal (a whole nother story right there) and Grey’s final ending.

If you love binging on shows you can play in the background while multi-tasking, Married at First Sight on the Lifetime App fits the bill. While it is a very interesting show, it is extremely redundant in a documentary type way. Let’s face it, most of the shows could fit into a 10-15 segment rather than stretching it out to the 44 min or so it is. Even with the excess of fillers, it is a very fun show to watch. Check it out when you are on the treadmill or elliptical.


Grandbaby Rhett’s New Chair

Last week Madison had to work more hours to catch up from being off the week we were on vacation, but this week we have been back to our half-day schedule.

We ordered this chair from Amazon that he loves sitting in. It’s really pretty neat in that it has a few stages/uses as he grows. Definitely a favorite activity of his several times a day.

rhett sitting in chair on porch



I almost forgot to give you the update!

friday faves hair color changes for stephanie before and after


A few months ago I decided to give a lighter hair color a try. After 2 appts and a few months, I couldn’t get used to the color and didn’t feel like myself. Right before the cruise, I decided to go back to my darker, natural color. I’ve been completely happy with the decision and resigned to the fact I am not meant to have a lighter hair color. What do you think? Was it a good choice to go back to my natural color?

What are your faves this week? Please share! I love trying your faves out.


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