Friday Faves in Pictures

Happy Good Friday! This Friday Faves is full of pictures this week and comes to you with the excitement of packing for our cruise that Andrew and I leave for tomorrow!

Absolute Favorite Friday Fave this week is from my daughter’s 3 month old son, Rhett, with a little help from his Mommy.

Rhett's first easter bunny rabbit ears with his feet painting


Shopping – Not usually a favorite activity for me, but it was much needed. Thankfully I found a few items at Belk’s I liked during our second day of shopping.

Friday Faves Stephanie trying on clothes for cruise


Warm weather! Spring days brings walks in the neighborhood again! I look forward to more warm days to take Rhett on walks in his stroller. PS – I met a new neighbor who thought Rhett was my son, not grandson. haha Love not looking like a grandma, because I don’t really feel like I should be yet! I do love my grandchidren though!

friday faves strolling rhett in the neighborhood

Chicken sausage – I picked up some chicken sausage from Costco last week and have been loving it! It goes really well with veggies for a quick lunch or dinner.

plate of veggies with chicken sausage


Charcoal Masks! I am really spoiling my face recently with different creams and face washes. I shared the process of this mask on Instagram, including when it dried and I made myself laugh…well, as much as I could laugh with a hard mask on. haha I did like the results, however, it didn’t seem as good as the commercial showed it to be.

This mask was pretty easy to remove. It came off in one piece!

Friday Faves facial products like this black charcoal mask on Stephanie


Hair! I have been on the fence for a few months since getting my hair lightened. I had hoped I would like it more after the second appointment when highlights were added to the overall look, but it just didn’t happen. It was important to me to like my hair color on vacation, so I was happy when Brie could fit me in this week for another color.

It’s actually a tiny bit darker than I expected, but I do like it. It feels like home.

friday faves new hair color


So, that pretty much wraps up my week! It’s been mostly vaca prep fun.

How do you handle your hair color? Do you color? Lighter, darker or natural color?







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