Friday Faves

Happy first Friday of Spring! So glad Spring is here and can’t wait for the temps to be 70 and higher regularly. I love sharing some of my favorite things with you and seeing your comments/questions on them.

Andrew and I are going on a cruise soon, so this week should have been spent doing some shopping but you guys know how much a hate to shop. I do most of my shopping online, but for clothes and shoes, I just have to try things on too much for online shopping to be effective for anything except workout clothes. So that will be next week’s mission.

I don’t keep my grandson on Fridays, but definitely always a highlight of my week. His personality and voice are beginning to emerge, and as you can see, one of our goldens, Boaz, is always close to him.

rhett on mat with boaz lying close by

stephanie with black face mask facial



This morning I tried a charcoal face mask product – you can see even more details on my Instagram story if you’re reading this within 24 hours – and while I didn’t see the cool, gross pore cleaning I saw in the product video, I did feel that it cleaned my face well. I will be using it again!





There’s a new protein powder on the block! Fu Carbs – pronounced like Few Carbs is not the average protein supplement. This powder is unique in that it has really low carbs and includes MST and coconut oil – both healthy fats for good health. I have the chocolate (a very rich, chocolate flavor!) that tastes great with a hint of coconut flavor. A great protein to help meet your macros in check especially when in a hurry. Use the code, 15FITFOUNDME in the checkout for 15% off.

protein shake in a glass and protein powder a friday faves


I have been back on the eggs and sauteed spinach kick this week. Typically I cook it around lunchtime. I tend to not eat anything prior to working out around 9, have a protein shake and then an hour later I’m ready for lunch. The eggs and spinach take less than 15 minutes to make from start to finish.

stephanie cooking spinach as one of the friday faves

Other favorites this week have been…

Married at First Sight – My mom told me about this series on Lifetime. There are 6 seasons, and I’m already on season 2. It’s a great series to have in the background while doing other things, just because there is a lot of redundancy, but it’s still good.

This workout for beginners.

Desserts are sometimes missed, although I know I can make healthy desserts, I don’t do it very often. This oatmeal bar is a winner. Easy, versatile and healthy! I snacked on it all week.

Have you watched the new show, Station 19 yet? What did you think? I hope to watch it in the next couple of days.

Have a great weekend!

Stephanie 🙂


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