Food Motivation: What’s In My Fridge? It All Starts Here

Sure, I would love to have doughnuts and cheesecake every day…shoot, I would settle for once a week, but obviously, we know we can’t have both a younger, healthier self AND all of the junk food we want.

There are a couple of peaks that have to be reached before workouts and healthier food habits get easier. If you aren’t at this point yet, you will have to trust me on this.

Food motivation 101 for today!

It gets easier!! You learn how to push yourself through the pain and difficulty of workouts the more you work out.

You will begin to be satisfied with healthier options and very small portions of the “bad” foods.


I made pancakes for the kids this morning. Now, I would love to tell you I made super healthy pancakes for them. I know I should have, but I just made these easy Aunt Jemina boxed, just add water pancakes. I do buy them the lite syrup, and use a healthier butter option. 🙂

I love, love, love pancakes. Instead of denying myself pancakes completely, I always make a teeny tiny pancake for me to put a little butter on to enjoy. That is enough for me to satisfy that desire when they are right in front of my face.

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Instead of indulging in the pancakes, this is what I had for breakfast after my workout.

You can follow more of what I eat on my Instagram account.

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How to Reach the Peak of Resisting Cravings & Pushing Yourself to Finish Workouts

There is no super easy way to reach the point where things get a little easier. It takes dedication to YOURSELF to overcome bad habits of not exercising and eating poor quality foods. It takes the willpower of loving yourself more than a few minutes of good tastes and a drive to push through the pain and uncomfortable workouts.

For each day that you’ve eaten better and worked out, tomorrow will be that much easier.

That said, I am a real person who likes junk food every now and then. For a while in the beginning of my weight loss, I didn’t eat ANY. It was only when I could trust myself to only eat a very small portion did I start to nibble here and there. I don’t nibble on junk every day, but occasionally I do have a little. With the exception of sugar foods…I really stay away from desserts like previously mentioned. Sugar is bad, bad, bad for me. Once I have a little, I crave it way too much. Most of the time it is not worth going through breaking the sugar addiction again. I satisfy my sweet tooth with natural sugars like fruit…and as you see I do use a little Truvia in my oatmeal.

Here’s what’s in our fridge, cabinet & pantry right now. Notice most of the opened junk food stays in a cabinet that is only opened by me occasionally. It is much easier to avoid when it is out of sight, out of mind.

But as you can see, we aren’t perfect. We don’t have as much junk food as our kids would like, but we do have some. Afterall, we do have 2 teenagers in the house. There is a balance we like to maintain that works well for us.

Some of my favorites: yogurt, kalamata olives with sharp cheddar cheese & rice crackers, avocados, eggs, whole wheat sandwich thins with almond butter, cheez its, and cereal.

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The Reward of Food Motivation

The reward is really truly obvious. You reach your goals. You feel better about yourself. You have more energy, etc, etc. See yourself as you want to be. Have that image in your head during the very tough times of eating and working out.

Print this and post it where it can remind you of your new goals and habits.

70% of people who begin an exercise program fail by quitting. Be one of the 30%.

Hope today’s food motivation was helpful. Remember, follow me on Instagram for more good food ideas!

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About Stephanie

Just an everyday stay at home mom who one day decided I didn’t want to become the stereotypical overweight, middle-aged, out of breath, mom anymore. One day at a time, one meal at a time, one workout at a time and I became the athlete I never knew existed. Read more...

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Like you say, it’s all part of balance. You have to do what works for you. I have 3 kids, so having some junk food in the house is natural, but I try to keep it to a minimum. I know what my trigger foods are, and sugar is one of them. Anyway. I go for eating healty 80% to 90% but I do give in to cravings once in a while. I also try to come up with healthier versions of the foods I crave. But I agree with you, we can’t all be perfect all the time!

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