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Getting in shape is all about creating a life of mobility. Turning off the electronic entertainment and just getting outside. Remember growing up and a typical day involved being outside until the street lights came on? Those are the activity levels we should aim for as much as possible. We can be great examples of healthy lifestyle for our family, even dragging the kids out for a weekend hike for exercise family style!

Our family went on a hike through Zion National Park recently.

My husband and I have been trying to encourage our kids to be more active. Just like most families, we had a long list of things that really needed to be done on Saturday. Through a short discussion of planning prior to Saturday, we were able to make great use of time. Saturday morning, I was able to ride my horse while Andrew, my husband, did a little office work and the kids slept in. We all gathered at the house late morning to do some much needed house chores.

By mid-afternoon we were packing snacks and water for our hike. It was a 30 min drive to the park where we hopped onto a shuttle to take us to the bottom of the trail we chose. There are several different trails in varying degrees of difficulty and length. Knowing we would have some reluctant teenagers, we chose one of the more easier options.

Once we were on the way, the kids really liked it. We were able to see some cute wildlife.
Deer in Zion National Park

And some not so cute wildlife.



The views were awesome and the terrain was just the right amount of challenge for our first hike.

IMG_1285 IMG_1264


The hike took about 2-3 hours total.

We ended the day with a stop for dinner on the way home. It was a great way to get all of us out of the house and moving! We will definitely be making another family trip to Zion National Park for another hike!

As parents, it is important for us to be a good example for our children to live a healthy, active lifestyle. With the technologies available today, often it is too easy for any of us to occupy our time with sedentary entertainment. Exercise doesn’t always have to be in a gym or with equipment. Look around outside in your neighborhood and local areas for activities to enjoy. Any type of activity level is better than being sedentary. Parks, countryside, beaches, lakes, hills, mountains, city blocks all have something to offer us. Get out and explore!

What do you do for exercise family style?

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  1. What a fun family outing. We’ve been to St George several times but haven’t made it to do a hike in Zion. Guess it’s time to add that to my to-do list ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh yes, definitely put Zion on your list! There are several different levels of hiking there. The Narrows is very popular – my husband and I have it on our short list! Thanks for the comment!


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