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Family purchases $10,000 in gift cards for Disneyland to then realize they’re for Disney+

Imagine planning a dream vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth, only to discover days before departure that a crucial part of the plan has gone terribly wrong. This was the reality for one family, whose excitement quickly turned into panic due to a seemingly minor oversight that threatened to derail their entire trip. What followed was a whirlwind of emotions, social media outcry, and an unexpected twist that saved the day. Read on to uncover the full story behind this holiday mishap and the remarkable resolution that followed.

How a Simple Mix-Up Threatened a Dream Vacation

The Coston family’s long-awaited Disney vacation nearly turned into a nightmare due to a significant mix-up. Andie Coston’s mother accidentally purchased $10,000 worth of Disney+ gift cards, mistaking them for Disneyland vouchers. This error meant the family had enough credit for over a century of streaming on Disney+, but none for their planned trip to Disneyland​.

The family, consisting of 16 members, had been planning their trip since 2020 but had to postpone it due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To prepare for their rescheduled trip during Christmas, Andie’s parents decided to buy the gift cards to cover their tickets and restaurant reservations at Disneyland. However, when they tried to use the vouchers, they encountered issues loading the gift cards correctly and realized the mistake—they had bought streaming service cards instead of park tickets​​.

The situation was particularly stressful as the numbers on the back of the cards had already been scratched off, making them non-returnable. The family was in a panic, with the trip just six days away and Disneyland tickets quickly selling out due to the holiday season. Andie’s mother was distraught, her father frustrated, and the children worried they wouldn’t get to experience Disneyland​.

Andie took to TikTok to share their predicament, hoping to find a solution. The video quickly went viral, attracting numerous comments and suggestions from viewers. Many offered advice on how to handle the situation, with some sharing similar experiences. This support provided some comfort to Andie’s parents, who were reassured that they were not alone in making such a mistake​​.

Fortunately, Disney stepped in and resolved the issue by converting the Disney+ gift cards into Disneyland tickets. Andie expressed immense relief and gratitude, emphasizing the importance of carefully checking details when making significant purchases to avoid similar mistakes in the future. She hopes that sharing their story will help others avoid such a mix-up and raise awareness about the differences between various types of Disney gift cards​.

TikTok to the Rescue: A Viral Plea for Help


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Social media played a crucial role in resolving the Coston family’s gift card mishap. After discovering that her parents had accidentally purchased $10,000 worth of Disney+ gift cards instead of Disneyland vouchers, Andie Coston turned to TikTok to share their predicament. The video quickly went viral, garnering significant attention and numerous responses from the online community.

Andie’s TikTok posts provided real-time updates on their situation, starting from the initial discovery of the mistake to their desperate plea for help. She explained that her parents, unfamiliar with streaming services, had made an honest mistake. They were distressed because the trip was just six days away, and Disneyland tickets were rapidly selling out due to the Christmas season​.

The viral nature of the TikTok video brought in a flood of suggestions and support from viewers. Many people shared similar experiences and offered advice on how to resolve the issue. Some recommended contacting Disney directly, while others shared tips on managing gift card problems. This outpouring of advice and empathy provided comfort to Andie’s parents, who felt reassured knowing they were not alone in facing such a dilemma​​.

Less than 24 hours after the initial post, Disney responded to the family’s plea for help. The company reached out and agreed to convert the $10,000 worth of Disney+ gift cards into Disneyland vouchers, effectively saving their vacation plans. This swift resolution was a huge relief for the family, allowing them to proceed with their long-awaited trip​​.

Andie expressed immense gratitude for the support they received from the online community and Disney’s prompt action. She noted that the experience highlighted the power of social media in bringing people together to solve problems and spread awareness about potential pitfalls in making significant purchases. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of carefully checking details and leveraging community support in times of need​.

Resolution at the Eleventh Hour: Disney Steps In

The resolution to the Coston family’s $10,000 gift card dilemma highlights both the responsiveness of Disney and the power of social media advocacy. Less than 24 hours after Andie Coston’s TikTok video went viral, Disney reached out to the family to address the issue. The company agreed to convert the Disney+ streaming gift cards into Disney Parks gift cards, ensuring that the family’s long-awaited trip to Disneyland could proceed as planned​.

Andie updated her followers on TikTok, expressing immense relief and gratitude for the swift resolution. She noted that Disney’s intervention was crucial in salvaging their holiday plans, especially given the urgency with Christmas just around the corner and the high demand for Disneyland tickets during that period​.

In addition to the practical solution provided by Disney, Andie shared that the overwhelming support from the TikTok community played a significant role in drawing attention to their plight. Many people offered advice, shared similar experiences, and expressed empathy for the family’s situation. This collective effort underscored the importance of community and the positive impact of social media in resolving personal crises​​.

Andie’s story also served as a cautionary tale about the importance of carefully reading and understanding the details of significant purchases. She hoped that by sharing their experience, others would become more aware of the potential for similar mistakes and take steps to avoid them in the future. This incident not only highlighted a flaw in the gift card purchasing process but also demonstrated Disney’s commitment to customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of direct consumer outreach​.

In the end, the Coston family’s dream vacation was saved, and they were able to enjoy their time at Disneyland, creating cherished memories despite the initial setback.

What We Can Learn from the Coston Family

The experience of the Coston family serves as a valuable lesson in the importance of attention to detail and the potential benefits of community support. Here are some key takeaways from their story:

1. Double-Check Purchases

One of the main lessons from this incident is the necessity of double-checking purchases, especially when dealing with large sums of money. Andie’s parents, unfamiliar with streaming services, did not realize the difference between Disney+ gift cards and Disneyland vouchers. This oversight led to significant stress and confusion as the family prepared for their long-awaited vacation.

2. The Power of Social Media

Andie’s quick thinking to share their predicament on TikTok highlights the power of social media in rallying support and finding solutions. The viral nature of her video brought in countless suggestions and empathetic messages, showcasing how digital platforms can be a lifeline in times of crisis.

3. Corporate Responsiveness

Disney’s swift response to convert the Disney+ gift cards into Disneyland tickets demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. This resolution not only salvaged the Coston family’s vacation but also reinforced the importance of reaching out to customer service when facing issues.

4. Community Support

The overwhelming response from the online community provided emotional support and practical advice. Many people shared similar experiences, which helped Andie’s parents feel less isolated in their mistake. This communal aspect underscores the value of sharing personal stories to foster understanding and support.

5. Awareness and Education

This incident also serves as a reminder of the importance of educating consumers about the products they are purchasing. Clearer distinctions and better labeling of gift cards could prevent similar mix-ups in the future. Andie hopes that sharing her family’s story will help others avoid making the same mistake.

Practical Tips for Avoiding Gift Card Mix-Ups

These tips can help regular individuals avoid the pitfalls of gift card purchases, ensuring their intended use and preventing any unwanted surprises.

  • Double-Check the Details: Always read the fine print on gift cards to ensure they are for the correct service or location. This simple step can prevent costly mistakes.
  • Ask Questions: If you are unsure about a purchase, ask the retailer or customer service for clarification. They can confirm if the gift card is appropriate for your intended use.
  • Verify Before Scratching: Before scratching off any codes on the back of gift cards, verify that you have the correct ones. Unscratched cards are often returnable or exchangeable.
  • Leverage Social Media: In case of a mix-up, share your experience on social media. As demonstrated in Andie Coston’s case, platforms like TikTok can mobilize community support and attract attention from companies.
  • Keep Receipts: Always keep your receipts when purchasing gift cards. They can be crucial for returns or exchanges if an error is discovered.
  • Use Official Channels: Purchase gift cards directly from official websites or authorized retailers to minimize the risk of receiving the wrong type.
  • Educate Yourself: Familiarize yourself with the differences between various types of gift cards, especially if you are not accustomed to using certain services.
  • Seek Help Promptly: If you realize there’s been a mistake, contact the customer service of the issuing company immediately. Quick action can often lead to a swift resolution.
  • Stay Organized: Keep a list of all gift cards and their purposes to avoid confusion. Organizing them by category can help ensure you use them correctly.
  • Be Mindful of Holidays: During peak seasons like Christmas, tickets and reservations sell out fast. Plan and purchase in advance, double-checking all details to avoid last-minute issues.

A Holiday Saved by Kindness

The Coston family’s experience is a testament to the unexpected challenges that can arise even in the best-laid plans. Their story, marked by a mix-up with Disney+ gift cards and a race against time, highlights the importance of community support and corporate responsiveness. Through the power of social media, they were able to turn a potential disaster into a heartwarming resolution, ensuring their dream vacation remained intact.

Ultimately, this tale serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and the incredible impact that empathy and swift action can have in resolving seemingly insurmountable problems. It’s a story of resilience, community, and the magic that can happen when people come together to help one another.

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