I Will Have the Rice Cake With a Dash of Motivation



Weight loss motivation to workout today

Sometimes it can be difficult to have motivation to stay honest to a diet, especially when you are making the change from double chocolate chip cookies to a rice cake and hummus. It can be too easy to live in the moment of how delicious those cookies look in the store instead of thinking how great you will feel when you pull up your jeans to realize they are too loose to wear.

It takes a lot of hard work and a whole lotta willpower to resist the cookie aisle.

It can be done though!

Fact is…you only have to do it once! Today, I am going to walk past the cookies aisle. Today, I am going to eat better foods.

Here’s another fact…I don’t eat rice cakes. Ewww.

Maybe you are among those who love them…if that’s the case, ENJOY!

Focus on making all of the right choices today, for a better tomorrow. Sounds corny, but for every day you make the right choices, tomorrow will get easier to make better choices!

Decide on one unhealthy habit to stop today. Is it sugar? Stop the sugar addiction as soon as you can, it wrecks havoc on your exercise efforts.

Try a new healthy food.

Try to exercise a little longer, a little harder today.

For every day that you push a little more, turn away from unhealthy habits, you add to a brand new you! A healthier, more energetic, more confident YOU!

Find something that will motivate you to get moving. Discover your WHY.

Additional info on having the motivation to making positive changes for a better you:

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