January Weight Loss Challenge | Week 1: Creating Healthy Habits for Long-term Weight Loss

Creating healthy habits for long-term weight loss is our goal for this challenge. I am so excited to be doing this January Challenge together! Working out and eating healthy with others is always more motivating that struggling through on our own. We are kicking off 2018 together tomorrow morning to a healthier you!

Tips for a Successful Challenge

Diets fail because diets are temporary. We restrict everything at once, start a big extravagant workout program expecting BIG results immediately. Fail, fail, fail.

Instead of implementing temporary changes, we will be creating healthy habits for long-term weight loss.

Our bodies rebel by spiking the cravings, especially the sugar and carbs. We are exhausted from trying to find the time and energy to do an hour-long workout, especially if we have to travel to a gym.

Not this time. This year is your year for the long-term, healthy changes that will last the rest of your life. Slowly we will add in healthy habits. We will slowly reduce those junky, sugar and refined carbs from your daily nutrition to find a happy place of balance you can live with – better yet, your body can live with.

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Creating Healthy Habits for Long-Term Weight Loss


january challenge

Alright! Let’s do this!!

Workouts will be short but effective this week. A great way to start off creating a daily habit. If you want to do more, you can always add a Walking Plan or HIIT Treadmill workout to your day.

Remember, push yourself hard enough, but not into injury. It’s preferred to be out of breath enough to not be able to carry on a full conversation, but you should still be able to speak. Take short breaks as necessary but get back to the workout after that break if you’re able.

Butt, Legs & Thighs

10 Lunges
10 Squats
10 Calf Raises
10 Standing Rear Leg Raises
Repeat 2 – 3 times

One of my favorite ways to make vegetables fun to eat for my teenagers is by roasting them in the oven with a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil and garlic salt. I don’t typically add salt to very many foods, but when roasting vegetables, it makes a huge difference for the kids. Favorite vegetables cooked this way are definitely broccoli and cauliflower. The quick roast when cooked until they begin to brown, really seems to enhance the flavors without depleting the nutrients.

You can use this method for almost any vegetable! Some of my favorites include sweet potatoes, asparagus, onions, squash, zucchini, and green beans. Cooking times may need to be adjusted.

Play around with different vegetables to see what your family’s favorites are. Creating healthy habits for long-term weight loss will be much easier when the rest of the family is on board as much as possible.

I roast the vegetables on a cookie sheet, spread out thinly at 425 degrees for about 12-14 minutes or until browning begins.


weight loss challenge

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Arms – Triceps

10 Pushdowns with resistance band
10 Kickbacks
10 Tricep Dips
Repeat 2 – 3 times


Wednesday title

Happy Hump Day!

It’s a great day for a workout! Today is one of my favorites…abs!

Don’t forget, you can add a cardio if you have a few min of extra time. Even a 10 min HIIT will burn calories for up to 24 hours later!

Abs Workout

10 crunches
10 Planks – elbow to hand
10 Russian twists
10 Mountain climbers

Repeat 2 – 3 times

Thursday title

Wow!! This is your 4th day!! How are your muscles feeling? Sore?

I love being sore. It tells me I have been working hard and my muscles are toning.

You can soak in a warm bath with epsom salt to help recovery if you’d like.

This may be a hard workout for you. Take a breather when necessary, but try to finish the best you can. I would rather you take more breaks than stop mid-way. Listen to your body though.

(video will be posted soon)

HIIT day!

20 Jumping Jacks
Plank 30 seconds
20 Skater lunges
20 squats
Jogging in place – 30 seconds
Plank 30 seconds

Repeat 2 – 3 times


Friday title

It has been crazy cold here this week! So thankful I can workout at home. I tend to enjoy staying in a warm house when temps don’t rise above 35 degrees.

Cold temperatures also mean the comfort foods tend to come out. There are some great comfort foods that aren’t loaded with unnecessary calories! Check out my Pinterest board for some yummy comfort foods that won’t break the bank, so to speak.

Today’s workout is an overall body training designed to keep your heart rate at a pretty steady level. You’re doing great…keep it up!!

Keep posting pictures on social media!

All Body Strength Training

10 Mountain Climbers
Bicycle – 30 seconds
Plank Walks 30 seconds
20 Squats
Flutter kicks 30 seconds
10 Tricep dips

Repeat 2 – 3 times

(video to come)


Saturday title

It’s the weekend!! Good for some, a harder day for others. With everyone in the family potentially being home, today could be a little more difficult to get your workout in. Don’t give in, make it work!

I hope you have planned ahead and carved out a little time to keep your momentum going!

Today’s workout is fast paced and will be done in no time! You will be left with a boost of confidence and higher spirits with the natural endorphins running through your body!

Remember, we are working hard this week by creating healthy habits for long-term weight loss!

Don’t get too worried about the jumping required today. I will show you in the video some modifications you can do if needed.

Let’s do this!

Cardio Day!

20 Hop-overs
20 Jumping Jacks
30-second Grapevines
30-second Triangle Jumps
30-second Knee Raises

Repeat 2 – 3 times

(Video to be posted soon)


Sunday title


Wow!! I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am for you! Week one is on the books!

Today is a semi-rest day for you!

It would be a great day to take a nice walk on a treadmill, indoors somewhere if it’s too cold outside, or if you can, outside to enjoy the fresh air! Don’t overdo it, maybe 1 -2 miles would be good.

Week 1 of creating healthy habits for long-term weight loss is a great start to a fabulous year for you!

How did the week go for you? Comment below!

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