Common Diet Mistakes That Slow Weight Loss for Women Over 40

As women over 40, changing life long habits can be difficult, but not impossible. These common diet mistakes can slow weight loss and leave you feeling discouraged. Knowledge is power.

common diet mistakes

Common Diet Mistakes

Consistency is a Problem

First, don’t consider this a diet – short term change for long term results? Doesn’t work.

This is a lifestyle change. I used to make this mistake myself. I would exercise a few days without seeing results or feeling better and quit. It is easier to sit and complain about being overweight while enjoying your favorite dessert.

Stick with this for a few weeks and be committed before expecting any results. Slow and steady will win this race against common diet mistakes.

Daily Workouts

Don’t have an hour to devote to working out? Don’t ditch it completely!

In fact, on your best free day, you can get a really great workout in for about 40 min of your day.

Is 40 minutes not even an option? Grab 10 minutes somewhere for yourself.

As women over 40, we have learned to use every second of the day in a multi-tasking steroid superhero style.

Add your workout to your list and realize there are so many great ways to burn calories in 10 min, such as this power packed 7 min workout or this 22 minute HIIT workout that can be adjusted as short or long as you want.

No Weights

There are so many great benefits of using weights in your workouts. Don’t make the common diet mistake of neglecting your muscles.

common diet mistakes

In the first couple of years of my journey, I mistakenly thought I would bulk up like a weightlifter if I used weights. Wrong!

[tweetthis]Use weights as part of your workout routine and watch the fat burn while muscles return! #weightloss #loseweight #healthymom [/tweetthis]

Whey Protein

Another common diet mistakes is fearing whey protein supplements. Whether you use a protein shake to replace a meal or as a snack during the day (I highly recommend it as a meal replacement, especially in early weight loss efforts), protein helps restore muscles you’ve lost in the last 10+ years, which will make you lean, increase metabolism and look younger.


I am almost embarrassed to admit I really didn’t realize I wasn’t eating enough veggies until I began the 21 Day container meal planning.

Using the containers that now comes along with the Beachbody workouts, I was able to truly balance my food to what my body needs.

Vegetables have the nutrients we need as well as many of them help keep us full for longer periods of time, thus helping us to lose more weight.

Demolish that common diet mistake starting today by adding more vegetables to your plate.

Switch Workout Routines Often

Your muscles learn your workout routine and will begin to act like teenagers – cutting corners to avoid work. Yes, your muscles have “muscle memory” and if we don’t change workouts often, the workouts won’t be very effective.

It is a huge common diet mistake to find an enjoyable workout and stick with it…too long.

It can be daunting to keep coming up with new workouts or having the time to peruse the internet for workouts that are a good fit.

Which is why I have used the Beachbody Workouts for years now. The workouts have taken me from overweight and so out of shape, I could only do half of the workout to now doing the advanced workouts.

Through the last few years, I have enjoyed approximately 8 different Beachbody workouts!

common diet mistakes


Don’t Talk Yourself Out of Exercising

We all have the voice inside our head that will talk us out of exercising, put off eating more healthy and delay changing our lives. Don’t think too long and hard about getting up to exercise.

This common diet mistake will land you right where you are today, next year and the year after that.

Just do it.

Get up and commit to 10 min of exercise, then add another 2 min and another as long as you can.

What has been one of your most common diet mistakes?

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