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How to Get Your Chocolate Fix on a Diet

I am so glad it is 80 degrees today! Sunny, not a cloud in the sky is how I like to live my days. I took Rhett on his first stroller ride without his car seat. He wasn’t really sure if he should sit up more or if he’s supposed to sit back and chill. Overall, I think he liked it.

chocolate fix on a diet

There’s a common theme in about 90% of us…we all love chocolate, but sometimes chocolate doesn’t get along very well with fitting into our favorite pair of jeans.

It took me a long time to stop grabbing a candy bar in the checkout line when I was trying to lose weight. You know that feeling. You’re standing there patiently waiting to check out and all of those candy bars are just there, looking so delicious. You start thinking about how you’d love to have a little snack, the sugar energy would be really good right about now and before you know it you’ve grabbed one of the 2 for $1 bars, after all, it’s on sale.

That rationale delayed my efforts a bit. We all grew up thinking it was only the saturated fat that was bad for us, but now we know how bad we were duped by the sugar industry.

No worries, I now have better options than grabbing one of those candy bars. You can thank me later. 😉

How to Get Your Chocolate Fix on a Diet

I am all about finding a way to eat what you are craving when you JUST HAVE to HAVE it. We can be eating as good as gold, but occasionally the chocolate cravings are more than we can control. You can get a chocolate fix on a diet that doesn’t set you back on your hard work.

When you get to that point, it’s worth finding a middle ground between healthy and a big splurge, then, you can have it more often without the guilt! Not every day “often”, but certainly enough to control your cravings.

#1 Chocolate Protein Shake

Before you start shaking your head, if you haven’t given the GNC Lean Shake Rich Chocolate a try, it’s truly a must-have in your pantry for many reasons including to help crave the chocolate cravings. I was lucky enough to get pointed in that direction by a GNC clerk when I first started trying to lose weight and I have used it off and on since then. I almost always have at least one container in my pantry at all times.

If you are following a low carb diet, this chocolate protein shake is delicious AND very low carb.

If you aren’t sure about why you would need a meal replacement shake, this post is a great one to read, especially if you have been struggling to lose weight.

#2 Dark Chocolate Almonds

I grabbed a small pack of dark chocolate covered almonds the other day during a weak time at Target.  They were a lifesaver while I was out running errands without a pre-packed snack. So much better than grabbing a candy bar, however just as satisfying!

#3 Daily Harvest Chocolate Smoothie

I have recently discovered these gems. Frozen cups of yumm waiting for you whenever you need a treat – a healthy one at that! Just add water or almond milk, or whatever you’d like to the ingredients, blend and enjoy! It takes less than 5 minutes to get your chocolate fix.

There are many different flavors to choose from, several of them involve chocolate. So convenent. So healthy. So fun.

Use this link for 3 free cups!

chocolate fix Daily Harvest Smoothie


#4 Dark Chocolate Chips

Simple, but they fit the bill. It took me some time to adjust to dark chocolate over milk chocolate, but just like so many healthy foods, I am all in now.

I keep a bag in my pantry for days when I just have to have some. I love putting a few in my oatmeal with PB Fit Powder for a Reese’s Cup taste. Totally hits the spot.

#5 Dark Chocolate

Then, you could just have a dark chocolate candy bar stashed away. I would have a few pieces at a time rather than the entire bar at once.

I have realized after a few bites of a treat, the “treat” feeling wears off and it’s not as good. That’s when you know you’ve had enough for now. Try it next time you eat a treat, you might be surprised.

Now, go get your chocolate fix!

Chocolate cravings on a diet don’t have to be detrimental or totally avoided. How do you handle chocolate cravings?

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