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11 Best Spice Blends to Put on Your Food to Enjoy Those Favorite Foods Again

Do you love breakfast sausage but stay away because of the high-fat content?  How about apple pie? You’re about to have the opportunity to get the 11+ best spice blends to put on your food to enjoy your favorite foods without extra calories or preservatives again!

best blend spices to put on food
Source: The Spice Gal

I attended an annual Fitness & Nutrition Conference recently. As part of the conference, there is an expo featuring hundreds of vendors.

One of the booths was filled with bottles of spices. As I walked by I glanced at some of the flavors and was intrigued when I saw one named Momma’s Breakfast Sausage!

So, being from the South and loving breakfast sausage, of course, I stopped to learn more.

That’s when I met Emma Willburn. Emma is a mom who started her weight loss journey several years ago. It was that journey, as well as her son’s special dietary needs,  that prompted her search for the spice blends.

All 11+ of her spice blends have been created to replace some common flavors that many people are abstaining from for one reason or another.

Whether it’s an apple pie, making tacos or complimenting a great steak, these spices need to be in your pantry, at your fingertips.


She had been using them for years before making the decision to make them available for us – and boy am I glad she did!

She even has some YouTube videos with recipes featuring her and her kids cooking with the spice blends.


Emma told me about how her son mentioned one day how much he missed breakfast sausage. Shortly after, she began mixing up spices to create the perfect breakfast sausage spice blend.

The breakfast sausage blend is seriously so on point. I added the blend to lean ground beef one night to make breakfast burritos for dinner. My kids didn’t even guess it wasn’t real sausage!


For a limited time, use coupon code IDEAWORLD17 for 10% off!


That is when I knew I had to share these absolutely best spice blends to put on your food.

She currently has 11 different flavors. I haven’t tried them all yet, but I have no doubt every single one of them is wonderful. Plus, they are made with all organic ingredients, gluten free, sugar-free, paleo, vegan with no iodized salt or fillers.

The Spice Gal has some delicious, unique blends!

[tweetthis]The Spice Gal has some delicious, unique blends! Momma’s Breakfast Sausage is my fav![/tweetthis]


best spice blends to put on your food


11 Best Spice Blends to Put on Your Food

Momma’s Breakfast Sausage

Homestyle Ranch

Taste of Italy

Aussie Summer BBQ

Apple Pie Delight

Paco’s Tacos

Steak Day

Texas Smokey BBQ

French Onion Mix

Season It Up

Citrus Pepper


Garlic Onion Salt

Do your family a favor and get some of your family’s favorites today!

For a limited time, use coupon code IDEAWORLD17 for 10% off!

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to stay notified of new spice blends.

Fall’s Best Spice Blends

This Fall, for a limited time, she will include flavors:

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Warm Winter Chili

Cheesy Pizza

If these spice blends transform food the way the others do, they will be sold out soon!

My message to Emma…

Keep it up! We thank you for bringing back our favorites! How about a brownies spice blend?

What about you guys, what flavor would you like to see next?


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