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Amazon Is Selling Houses For Less Than $20,000, With Free Shipping

Amazon has become the go-to hub to purchase just about anything you need. When it comes to decorating, throw pillows, kitchen accessories, furniture, and more- with just a click, you can find all the essentials to make your house a home.  

But what good are throw pillows and accessories if you don’t have a house to adorn? Well don’t worry- as yet again, Amazon’s got you covered! Now residential builders can build their own home with Amazon’s newest item up for grabs- prefabricated modular homes.

Prefabricated Houses- What You Need To Know

Prefabricated homes are houses that are built in sections and moved to the homebuyer’s site where they’re assembled. When looking to create a spacious, quality home that fits both your personal style and finances, a prefabricated home may be your answer to happily ever after.  

Affordability, energy efficiency, and speedy construction are among the top reasons consumers have begun choosing prefabricated homes. With 3 different types of prefabricated homes, it’s helpful to understand options that are available when looking to purchase one of these ready-to-assemble homes.  

Mobile homes

Mobile homes are units built on wheels that can be pulled by a vehicle. Also known as trailers, they must be built to code and pass inspection for licensing. These homes offer location versatility as they can be moved to mobile-home parks or private land. (2)

Manufactured homes

Once known as mobile homes, manufactured homes come in three sizes: single wide, double wide and triple wide. These homes are built into steel beams then transported and assembled in sections at the home site. (2)

Modular Homes

Typically the most expensive option, modular homes are built in sections and delivered to the home site where they’re treated like a regular house where they require installation, financing, appraisal. (2)

Amazon and the Housing Market

Research from documents that over the past 5 years, the prefabricated home industry in the United States has grown by 8.4%. It’s projected that in 2019, the industry will reach $11 billion in revenue. (1)

Thanks to Amazon, access to purchasing these prefabricated homes is now as easy as a click of your mouse. Selling for less than $20,000 and shipping for free, these houses promise affordability and functionality. (3)

These often tiny prefabricated homes have become a hit within the housing market. With costs below $20,000, and with free shipping, it’s no surprise that these houses are now selling out on Amazon.

Be Sure That You Get What You Pay For

But buyers beware, be sure to inspect the details of each home before purchasing it to ensure you won’t have any additional “surprise” expenses. In some cases, the advertised price can be a bit deceiving. In order to keep the price low and as displayed, it’s likely you can’t make very many additions to the “blueprints.” If you “customize” your home, the price can go above what you originally anticipated. Additions such as fireplaces and crown molding can also quickly add up. However, that’s no different than if you were buying a traditionally built house. (3, 4)

Take the 292 square foot Lillevilla Allwood Getaway Cabin for example. The $18,800 digs do not include the additional sleeping loft pictured, and it’s recommended to add insulation if living in colder regions. However, two adults can assemble this home in a mere 2-3 days. How’s that for DIY? (3)

If you’re struggling to find a home that you love, you may be tempted to build one yourself. While some prefer to put in the work and labor themselves to build their home, others may prefer to leave it to the pros. Though prefabricated homes may not be for everyone, they certainly have become a home sweet home for many. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.