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Implement These Simple Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain and Enjoy the Food


holiday weight gain


As we head into the Holiday season, do not use it as an excuse to fall off your health wagon! You have worked too hard and come too far to allow a few minutes of pleasure to throw you off your routine. You can have your cake…and eat it too with these simple tips to avoid holiday weight gain.

Fall is on it’s way with all it’s glory of comfort foods. No worries, I am all about comfy foods in the Fall and Winter too! It is possible to make this work, and it won’t be the yo-yo.

The yo-yo diet is take off weight Spring and Summer, add a few pounds Fall and Winter. Well not this year!

Let’s do something different this Fall. Keep the momentum you started earlier in the year and keep progressing. Imagine how much better you will feel without that yo-yo diet thing taking over your body as it has in the past.

You don’t have to give up your goals nor do you have to give up the yummy comfort foods and Holiday meals!

avoid holiday weight gain

5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

  1. Find healthier recipes of your favorite comfort foods. One of my favorite Fall foods is fresh Apple Crisp. Give this Jillian Michaels Apple Crisp recipe a try! Or this Mac & Cheese from A Dash of Soul made with Greek yogurt!
  2. Mind over matter – persevere. Keep pushing yourself in your workout routine. Do not stop! Allow momentum to work in your favor and don’t get discouraged by an unhealthy meal. All is not lost by eating a few things you normally would avoid.
  3. Portion control is golden. When the holidays roll around, we often don’t have control over what foods are on the menu. Pick and choose carefully. For the items you just can’t resist but are outside your normal eating habits, try eating a smaller portion than you would otherwise. Join one of Fit Found Me’s weight loss programs that focus on healthy nutrition – portion control, meal prepping and healthy recipes combined with regular workouts = weight loss for women over 40!
  4. Use soups to your advantage. Find some healthy soups to incorporate into your meal plan. They are filling and can be very healthy! Avoid holiday weight gain
  5. Pick & Choose. Okay, I totally get it, the holidays, good tasting food everywhere and your old habits want to creep back in. You should not throw caution to the wind and eat everything you want, every meal or every chance you get. You can avoid holiday weight gain by picking and choosing the meals, foods and days you eat more freely. Use extra caution to the refined sugar items, if you were addicted to sugar but beat it through the steps from my post, Sugar Addiction: How I Broke Free, by choosing to eat those sugary foods, you could have to repeat the steps to break away from sugar again.

It can be easy for us to get a little lax in our workouts and exercise as Fall is rolling in. We are no longer thinking about what we look like in the summer clothes – swimsuits, shorts, sundresses.

It’s now all about the big, comfy, sweaters and boots – clothes that naturally fit looser and we feel we can get by with carrying a few extra pounds.

Instead, let’s remember how good we feel when we are eating right and exercising regularly.

Remember your WHY and push through the baggy clothes.

If your WHY is to look good in summer clothes…now is the time to prepare!

Living a healthy life is a long term lifestyle change that will bring so many more rewards than being unhealthy will.

Those junky unhealthy foods taste good for a few seconds…good health lasts a life time!

Implement these tips so you can avoid holiday weight gain and enjoy the food!


1 – Find healthy alternatives

2- Don’t allow 1 unhealthy choice determine the rest

3 – Portion control is golden

4 – Implement soups into meals

5 – Pick & Choose


avoid holiday weight gainavoid holiday weight gain


38 thoughts on “Implement These Simple Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain and Enjoy the Food”

  1. Thanks for sharing they are fast approaching. I do feel like I eat more when I visit my family, even when it’s not the holidays. I keep lots of fresh food and healthy eats in my own home but normally when I visit my parents it’s a lot of running around before actual holiday events and eating out. I think portion control is key for sure and fighting the urge. Luckily my mom has been working on getting healthier and we can go for walks together to stay active. THanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome tips… It is always about finding the balance between joining in on festivities and not over doing it. My blog is a reflection on this- I LOVE dessert, it is all about recipes and killing some sweet cravings with healthy subs(with the occasional naughty treat 😉 )

  3. Great tips about something that I continue to struggle with. Thanksgiving is just around the corner in Canada and already my husband and I are debating as to whether we will get a giant Costco Pumpkin Pie or not. You are right, it is so easy to sabotage your weightloss, and it is much smarter to find healthy alternatives.

  4. These are great tips! Soups for sure. I also have learned to eat a little bit before I go to a party or gathering, so I’m less inclined to eat everything in sight!


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