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5 Strategies to Never Miss a Workout Even at Age 40

These 5 strategies to never miss a workout even at age 40 will keep you on track to reach your personal weight loss goals even with the crazy busy schedule. Afterall, don’t we owe it to ourselves and those around us to take care of our health? You betcha we do!


miss a workout


I overslept today. Missed my 5am workout. It has thrown my entire day off. I really hate to miss a workout.

There are times when a missed workout is unavoidable. Life is not over. We can prepare and plan as well as we can for success, but things happen. You don’t have to give up!

Ignore this voice…

“Today’s blown already, might as well have dessert!”

“I will just start next Monday.”

“I just can’t stick with this…”

miss a workout

Instead, listen to this voice…

“Oh, I can workout after the kids go to school!”

“I can get a workout in at lunch!”

“Let’s have leftovers tonight and I can use the extra time to workout!”

Sometimes it will just be – “The workout just won’t happen today, but tomorrow I will jump back to it!”

Ladies, don’t give up on yourself! Just because you miss a workout doesn’t mean you have to blow your nutrition for the day. Keep on pushing ahead the best you can do. Everything won’t always work out perfectly and that’s ok.

I used to be the “everything has to be perfect or I won’t be able to start” person. Who am I kidding…I still am a little. If I don’t have time to unpack all 5 boxes in my office, why take a few minutes and unpack 1 type of thing. It is a daily struggle sometimes to accept partial accomplishments from myself. Same goes for you guys! We can do this together. Didn’t do the workout today but we can still eat the right things! Every little bit helps.

Ok, back to our miss a workout day…

Perhaps there is an underlying reason you missed the workout that needs attention.

Did You Miss a workout?

Ask yourself…

1 –   Do I get enough sleep?

Sleep is vital to your overall health and well-being. For me, 8-9 hours of sleep per night is crucial to have the ability to really push myself in the workouts. For the past couple of weeks, Andrew and I have been very diligent at going to bed early and waking up at 5am. We begin out workout by 5:30am. This early morning workout allows us to ensure we get our workout in for the day.

When I don’t get enough sleep, it is so difficult to motivate myself to workout. If I skip a workout day, most likely it is due to lack of adequate sleep. If I do manage to workout that day, I find it almost impossible to put my usual effort into it.

Sleep is crucial and should not be a low priority for your health.

2 –   Did I eat the right foods and right amounts in the last few days?

Nutrition (including water) is your partner! Without it, we can’t be successful during our workouts and after. Our bodies must have the energy from what we are eating to burn or we will slowly lose motivation as well as momentum. Need a recap of what nutrition is needed? Read here.

This is literally the second question I ask myself if I am feeling sluggish and unmotivated to workout. I think through the last couple of days of my nutrition. Did I eat enough? Did I eat junk? Then I go into the macros of what I ate. If I come to realize my nutrition suffered, I make a conscious effort to step up nutrition.

3 –   Is there a better time to schedule my workouts?

Sometimes our routines change and so we need to reevaluate our workout time as well. Perhaps an adjustment is needed if you are missing workouts regularly. Make sure to make yourself a priority in the day. It’s not ok to put your health at the bottom of your to-do list. Make it #1 and the rest of your day will be even more productive.

With every season it seems I am changing my workout time. School, summer, winter, holidays, etc. The workouts don’t always fit into my favorite time of day, but it’s important to stick with it for your own health. Chances are, you will figure out a better time or the routine will change again for another reason. Go with the flow and make it work.

4 –   Are my workouts stale and boring?

Keep your workouts fun and change them up as needed to keep your muscles guessing and working harder as well as keeping yourself excited. I usually change my program about every 60-90 days. Time a few minutes to evaluate your workout routine. Take a look at this workout pyramid as a guide.

I really enjoy having a variety of workouts to choose from. It’s also important to realize if you want to lose weight, working out once a day, the one and done attitude most likely won’t give you the results you want. It takes effort throughout the day to lose weight. Look for times to get a little cardio in such as a brisk walk, swimming, etc. Check out the 100 Ways to Burn Calories Without Working Out.

5 –  Am I keeping it real?

Are your workout goals realistic? Of course, we want to be pushed, but not deflated. We also don’t want to schedule a 2 hour workout when no matter what we do, 1 hour is all we will ever be able to fit in. Have a workout schedule or participate in a workout challenge for accountability and mini goals to keep you motivated.

If you are having trouble regularly working out, reflect a little on what’s holding you back by asking the previous questions to yourself.

Working out is hard, but so worth it.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.