4 of the Absolute Best Gifts for Women Over 40 Who Love to Workout

I have a few favorite things that I am loving so much I just have to share with anyone looking for the best gift for a women over 40 who loves to workout. I really wish I could do an Oprah style favorite things post. Wasn’t that always one of your favorite episodes? A car for you, a car for you, and you and you! Who doesn’t remember that one?

I don’t have a favorite car to show you today, but I do have a few things that may make your shopping easier for a special someone. Or, maybe you are looking for an idea to help your husband when shopping for you. Either way, I’m confident these 4 things will make any woman’s workouts as enjoyable as they have made mine.

#4 of the Best Gifts for Women Over 40 Who Love to Workout – Brooks PureCadence

best gifts for women over 40

These are my all time favorite running shoes. They were a birthday present from my husband this year. Brooks running shoes in general have been a favorite of mine and the PureCadence is no exception to that. They fit like a glove, very true to size (easy for gift-giving), lightweight and supportive for running as well as cross- training. They are my new go-to workout shoe. The Brooks PureCadence shoe will not disappoint.

#3 of the Best Gifts for Women Over 40 Who Love to Workout – Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells

best gifts for women over 40

Who doesn’t need dumbbells? Everyone could use a good set of dumbbells, but not everyone has the room to store them. My husband recently ordered these Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells from Amazon and we couldn’t be happier. There is a dial located at each end of the dumbbell that allows for weight adjustments from 5 – 52.5 lbs to meet everyone’s needs. Bowflex also offers the same dumbbell system in the weight range of 10 – 90 lbs. What I love most about the Bowflex SelectTech is they don’t require a lot of space in our workout room.

#2 of the Best Gifts for Women Over 40 Who Love to Workout – Elliptical

best gifts for women over 40
My elliptical allows me to do what every women over 40 is so great at…multi-task.There are a whole list of reasons why the elliptical is a great machine for working out. Some people perceive it as an easier workout than other machines, but it totally depends on the settings. It is totally possible to get in a great workout with an elliptical. Some studies have shown the elliptical to actually be a better workout than a treadmill. If you choose the right one, you can plop a book, laptop, iPad, almost anything except the dirty dishes up on it to do as you workout. There are also accessories that can be purchased separately that are made to rest a laptop on safely, if needed. In fact, guess where I am typing this right now? Yep, my elliptical.

#1 of the Best Gifts for Women Over 40 Who Love to Workout – Brooks PureCadence

best gifts for women over 40
Hands down, my favorite fitness gadget is the Polar Loop with Heart Rate Monitor. It was given to me last Christmas as a gift from my husband. You can click on this post, My Favorite Fitness Gadget, to get all of the details about the smartphone app, settings, displays, etc. This fitness band is a great coach. The Polar Loop pushes you harder to meet your goal every day no matter where you are in your fitness journey. It is priceless to look at the band or the app after a hard day’s workout to see the calories and effort quantified. No more guesstimating calories burned when you have the Polar Loop.

Polar has come out with a Polar Loop 2 that has the heart rate monitor built right in, so no forgetting to put the monitor on or changing the battery. Maybe I will have the Polar Loop 2 under my tree at Christmas this year…

UPDATE: 2016 – My favorite fitness tracker (after I also tried the Apple Watch) is the FitBit Blaze. I love it for the fitness tracking focus, ability to get most important alerts such as phone calls and texts, and the Friends’ list for challenges! Be sure to check it out for the special someone on your list!


Have an idea of something else you would consider the best gift for women over 40 who love to workout? Share it with me in the comments below!


best gifts for women over 40



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