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3 Things Every Dietitian Will Tell You to Do to Lose Weight

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Losing weight, particularly after 40, is not an easy task. Most often than not, it requires relearning some basic eating habits. These 3 things every dietitian will tell you to do to lose weight will have you smiling at your scale and grabbing your skinny jeans in no time!

3 things every dietitian

When you start out on the weight loss journey, it is easy to get caught up in the CICO method of losing weight, but in my experience, the CICO method is not a successful way for women over 40 to lose weight. Sure, when our metabolisms were out of the roof, the CICO diet could work, but not so much now.

Those were the days when we felt our clothes getting a little tight, so we cut back for a couple of weeks and just that easily we could drop a few pounds. Nope, doesn’t work that easily anymore. After 40, everything changes.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up on having a great body, high energy, and good health. Oh no, you can have all of those and more by making your health a priority again. You know, before you became a wonderful, selfless mom and wife. There is a way for you to have it all…be a super mom and wife AND take care of yourself!

It all starts with these 3 things every dietitian agrees on.

3 Things Every Dietitian Will Tell You to Do to Lose Weight

When something works, we want to shout it from the rooftops…after we kick ourselves for not trying it sooner. So, I am shouting it from the rooftop to you and kicking myself for not doing this 10, 15 years ago.

Drink Water Daily

You have to put down the sodas and other sugary drinks. For real. I know this is so hard for many of you, but you’re totally wasting your calories on something your drinking! Not to mention you’re feeding your fat cells…on a silver platter.

If you don’t do anything today for your weight loss, please get rid of the sugary drinks.

From the 3 things every dietitian will tell you to lose weight, this one is perhaps the easiest to add to your life.

I truly get the fact that it is difficult to go from sodas to plain boring water. Stop by the store today and get a sugar free flavor packet or flavored sparkling water to help you transition.

I have seen total soda drinkers transition to plain water over time, so I know you can do this!

Next, you have to drink enough. Drink at least 1 gallon of water daily. Hydration is one of the keys to feeling good. Why? Because dehydration feels awful. It depletes your energy level, and even more importantly puts a strain on your organs!

I carry around a water bottle like this one everywhere I go. Play around with the temperature of the water also. Unless it’s really hot outside, I have found if my water is too cold, it takes me longer to drink it.

Get yours here. 

3 things every dietitian

Staying hydrated will also help you feel satiated. Sometimes I finish eating feeling so full and miserable, but realize it’s because I drank so much water while eating. It will help you eat less and therefore lose more weight! Winner!

Eat Your Vegetables

Now, I am not your mom, but eat your vegetables! And no, I am not talking about those mashed potatoes, vegetable casseroles, or even the vegetables drenched in cheese.

Think simple, whole food vegetables. The more colorful the better. My favorite way to eat veggies is a very light coat of olive oil and a dry seasoning (like italian seasongs, garlic, etc) and roasting in the oven.

You know how vegetables are loaded with the vitamins our body needs, but did you know they help you stay satiated longer also?

When I realized I needed more vegetables in my life, I started adding a simple dark green lettuce (such as a spring mix) salad to my dinner every night. Of course, choosing the right dressing for it is also crucial. No worries, there are many dressings that aren’t awful. Look at the labels, compare and try some different ones until you find your favorites.

I rarely eat sandwiches, just because I don’t usually like them as much as other foods. But on this day, I did make a sandwich, but added a lot of lettuce with a side of cucumbers rather than chips. The cucumbers are great for finger foods and a fun crunch!

sandwich with cucumbers

I also have a secret weapon in my purse on occasions just like this day. I had been at the barn for a few hours and didn’t pack a snack. This little (and cute) container packs a great punch of 1/2 of a day’s serving of fruits and vegetables! LifeEquals were genius to create this tasty, convenient way for us to make sure we are treating our bodies well even on busy days! (Use my code MILLER50 for 50% off your first subscription order) 

stephanie at the barn with a balance shot

Eat Enough Protein

I could write a book on this one. This is another habit I had to work hard to implement. Until you start tracking your food, you don’t realize how little lean protein you eat daily.

Between the 3 things every dietitian will tell you, I personally believe this could be the most important, and perhaps the most neglected.

What’s the big deal about lean protein? Well, in short, it’s everything. Definitely read more about what protein does for our over 40 bodies here…you will be tracking it asap after you see what protein does for us.

Somewhere along the way, we stopped being active, started eating junk and our muscles atrophied over the years. Muscles need protein to exist. Metabolism needs muscles. Weight loss needs metabolism.

So, protein is a must have for weight loss and a youthful body with energy and stamina.

Find out how much protein you need and some easy ways to meet that goal every day without adding in the extra unnecessary calories.

This GNC Lean Shake is my all time, favorite protein shake or meal replacement shake for losing weight. It tastes great and includes some extra ingredients to help with weight loss. Order from right HERE.

GNC Lean Shake

These 3 things every dietitian will tell you to do to lose weight are pretty simple and straightforward. There’s no reason you can’t start doing these things right now. Start where you are. Do your best. Forget perfection, throw it out the window. When you mess up, start over, that next minute. Stop starting every Monday or next month. Every single meal, every decision counts whether it’s in the middle of the week or at the end of the day.

Make your health a priority and not only will you benefit, but everyone you love around you will benefit.

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