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13 Tips for a Guilt Free Thanksgiving for Women Over 40

Ladies, here is the ultimate guide to having a guilt free Thanksgiving. It is possible to have our cake and eat it too.

I cannot wait until Thanksgiving. My husband, Andrew, roasts the best turkey I’ve ever eaten on the BBQ grill. I am usually not a huge fan of turkey, but this turkey I could eat every week. Then, he takes the drippings – no guilt allowed on this one – and he makes a gravy that is out of this world. You want to drink it from a glass it is so good. The turkey and gravy…pure heaven on a plate.

No roads trips for us this Thanksgiving. We moved a few months ago and live across the country from our extended family, so sadly, there will only be 4 of us this Thanksgiving. Not a reason to skimp on our meal though. We will have all of our traditional foods – guilt free.

Whether you will be traveling or staying home to enjoy the holidays, these tips will help you have a guilt free Thanksgiving.

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What is the Best Tasting Protein Bar for Women Over 40?

Along with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and shopping. Keeping a protein bar or two close by will help those unexpected shopping-eating-out-splurges at the mall or on the road. My worst food choices are made when I am away from home and all of a sudden I am starving. That’s when the fresh baked cookies and hot out of the oven pretzels start screaming at me to eat them…now. I lose all will power during that time. Try to keep an eye on the time and eat a protein bar before you get too hungry.

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These tips will help you enjoy a guilt free Thanksgiving and beyond.

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guilt free thanksgiving

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